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Sometimes a pound is enough.

Friday, April 01, 2011

March Progress Report:

Start weight: 214
End weight: 213
Weight lost: 1 lbs.
Total weight lost this year: 12.5 lbs.
Goal weight progress: 33 more lbs. to go to goal weight!
Onederland progress: 14 more lbs. to reach ONEderland!
Total weight lost: 85 lbs.
Total fitness minutes: 924

My goal was to lose 4 lbs. this month. I didn’t reach that (again). I only lost 1 lb., but I’ll take it. My body likes to go into a weird sort of, I won’t call it starvation mode, but I will call it a “cling to my fat like it’s the end of the world” mode when I am training for a race. But that’s ok. I know that it’s when the road is rough that real growth happens. I am going to stick to my new lifestyle, which I love, there is no turning back, and just keep living, running and aiming to be happy and balanced. Sometimes, it’s not all about the scale. Sometimes it’s about the lives that we create for ourselves, one day, one moment, one experience at a time.

I’ve been running 3x a week to train for my upcoming 8k. I’ve eaten well, excluding the weekends, and yes, there is room for improvement with nutrition. I could get more freggies and fiber in. Last month I noticed that I needed to get more workouts in, and I definitely did that.

My goal this month is to lose 4lbs, bringing me to 209. My goal this FEF challenge is to get into ONEderland and lost a total of 14 lbs. I think I can do it, I lost 12.5 last challenge. I have an amazing partner and team behind me, anything is possible!


I beat my own pace. I have been keeping a running log in this round of training, and my starting pace was an average of 15:00 miles per minute. Some days it was higher, some days less, but that was the average. In a month I’ve shaved almost 3 minutes off of my time, with a pace of 12:00 per minute as an average and the other day I had a 3 mile run where my average pace over the duration of that run was 11:13! For those of you new to running, I highly recommend keeping a log, it is so inspiring to look back and see how far you have come.

In my 8k training I’ve ran that distance 2x already now.

I was telling my brother in law about a house I saw for sale and he asked where and when I told him he was like "What were you doing out that far from your house?"

Me - in the words of Forrest Gump - I was RUNNING :)

And I saw a fit runner coming from that direction and she nodded and waved to me as if I was part of the club. I remember seeing people run outside and thinking how great that was, but that I would never get there or even want to do that. But here I am! It's really unbelievable to me sometimes. There's a great park by me that's about a mile away and I always drive there and never thought I could even walk there. On Saturday I ran PAST that park!


What did you do this week to go above and beyond?

I went for a run even though I was SO tired and didn't want to go.

I went for a run at lunch although my day was stressful and busy.

I got up early to workout.


List your non-scale victories here.

I am now the weight I was when I got married!!!!!! I haven’t weighed this in 10 yrs. at least.

I can now cross my legs and oddly enough, find myself doing so often and it’s actually comfortable!

I bought a French silk blizzard but only had a few spoonfuls, then put it in the freezer.

I got my hubby to actually run for a few minutes!

My childhood crush told me on FB that he should've went for me when he had the chance!

I've had several other people on FB tell me how skinny/pretty I am – I am not used to that. No, I'm not vain, but it is nice to hear sometimes. (I'm not used to it, but it could grow on me).

A shirt that the button used to pop open now is very loose on me.

My hoodie from the Hot Chocolate race now fits me and I wore it in public!

I can now stretch my legs behind me while standing up and hold my ankles, I could never do that before!

I now LOVE stretching and Yoga!

Men are actually holding doors open for me and being much more polite than they used to be. I feel like a star or something. Wow, this is what “normal” feels like.


You are only in competition with yourself to get to that next goal, milestone and the victory you will find there is much more satisfying than anything else.

Stress can and will hold onto the weight.

Sometimes you will only lose 1 lb. in a month. That doesn’t take away all of the hard work you’ve done.

Strength training is essential.

Sometimes, a pound is enough.


Total loss: 12.5 lbs.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Being considered "normal" is a real shock, isn't it? Like when men open doors for you or sales girls at regular clothes stores greet you in a friendly way and offer to help you find something specific - like you belong there. But having a fit runner recognize you as one of the club is absolutely fantastic - you're better than normal, you're AN ATHLETE!!! emoticon You go, girl!
    3466 days ago
    Congratulations on your accomplishments-you look awesome!

    & Thanks for the inspiration

    3467 days ago
    Loved your post! You are doing an amazing job! You look fantastic!!!!!
    3467 days ago
    Congratulations on all of your accomplishments and recognizing how far you have come, that is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, you are very inspiring. I just started to run intervals and can't wait until I can run my first mile.

    I'm looking forward to watching you reach your goals, you have so many good things ahead.

    May the peace of Jesus be with you always,
    3468 days ago
    WOW...pics are great! Keep up the good work!
    3468 days ago
    Awesome blog post!!!

    emoticon on improving your running pace, what a VICTORY!!!

    emoticon on your non scale VICTORIES!

    The scale has not moved much for me in over 6 weeks, but like you know perseverance will make that needle move eventually and there are so many other victories along the way.
    3468 days ago
    u look great!!!!!!
    A pound is a pound is good to loose!!!!!!!
    3468 days ago
    You are doing an awesome job! And I will take a pound lost any day! emoticon
    3468 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    Wow, you have come so far in the time I've been following your blog. You ARE a runner! 8K's - I'm impressed. emoticon Thanks for sharing your nonscale victories. Eat your heart out ex-BF! I love crossing my legs now too. Strange pleasure... but it's the first time I've been able to do it in... well, 20+ years anyhow. Loving the pics - I can especially see the difference in your midsection... and I LOVE your big smile!
    3468 days ago
    Hey a pound is a pound ia a pound...I'll take it any month!

    Let's RAWK APRIL!
    3468 days ago
    Great perspective! Yes, a pound is a pound. Celebrate your MANY accomplishments. Keep up the great work because you are an inspiration.
    3468 days ago
    emoticon on all your successes in March and on your overall success in the PUSH Challenge! I can really see a difference in your after photos!
    Keep up the good work! emoticon

    - Karen
    3468 days ago
    So inspirational! You are so amazing. I can feel your joy, happiness, and victories just by reading this awesome blog.

    It's weird when men start opening doors for you, huh? I thought that was just a common courtesy that people did, but then I realized after losing weight that it happens a lot more often than it used to. Sad, but true! Keep up the great work! You look GREAT!
    3468 days ago
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