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FEF Challenge: Spring Motivation Board

Friday, April 15, 2011

This week's challenge was to create a spring motivation board. We weren't allowed to create a virtual one, which is what I usually do, so it was really fun for me to get out the construction paper, scissors and glue stick. The board is something to inspire you to keep going when things get tough.

I have more than just one dream, like most of us here. Yes, we want to get fit, lose weight, and lead happy lives. That is Goal #1. For me it's a goal of mine to lose weight and become a normal weight so that I can be healthy for not only myself, but for my two girls and my husband, too. A big part of that goal for me is running. I have discovered that I love to run and it is great cardio, so it is a goal of mine to continue my mantra to "Run Strong".

Another goal of mine that some of you may know is to write a book (or two, or three). I have two first drafts of novels that are sitting in my drawer. I have a children's book all laid out and composed. I have at least ten great short stories that are doing - what? Nothing. I have discovered that I am afraid. I don't know exactly of what...failing? Success? But nonetheless, there is fear there. It is one of my goals to conquer that fear, toss procrastination and perfectionism out the window and just go for it.

So my collage combines some various elements. There is Faith in there, because for me that is my strength and the foundation on which everything else resides. There is running, because I AM a runner. There are quotes about strength and discovery. And there are quotes to inspire me to write.

My husband is a glass artist and I'm going to have him set my collage under class so that I can put it on the wall of my office at home to inspire me.

Here is my collage, and elements are described below. I took a picture of it, but also scanned it in. It was difficult to get the entire collage without losing some of the sharpness of it. But hopefully you get the idea.

Thanks for taking a look!

Left to right:


"One Inch at a time" - this is not only for my weight loss, which is slow, but for my writing and also for my running. I'm a slow runner, but inch by inch I will get there!

"Little by little deep inside us, the diamond shines, the eyes open, the dawn rises, we become what we already are." ~ Bo Lozoff. This quote inspires me because I feel that we all have the power inside of us, and we have had it all along. This is similar to the quote I posted last week on my spark page, that we are all athletes, just some of us are in training and some of us are not. I want to become everything that I can be.

"Add your own Scenery." A fun quote about the people, situations, etc, in your life, but also about having long fun runs outside to places I've never been.

"Today's the day. No more fooling around." enuf said.

"Run Strong" - my mantra I used in the 8K - I added stickers along the trail in the picture to show movement.

"Find your strong" - OMG I LOVE this! Had to cut it out of the magazine when I saw it.

"Of course I can do anything. I'm a mother." How true! And there's a picture of my beautiful dolls to cheer me on.

"Go Write Your Book." No explanation needed.

"They're just pieces of paper. Let GO." I need to remember this.

Heart with Christ inside and words coming out of it like love, peace, joy, faith, etc. I believe that all good things come from Him and if I am in Him I am all of these good things. I show that to the world and it's contagious, hopefully.

Bible at the bottom I put a sticker that says "Found" - I found myself in the bible. I found promises from God and have found my strength there. It is my goal to stitch His words on my heart so that they come naturally to me in all times.

Right picture - me when I was 5 yrs. old. framed. I want to embrace the inner child in me and remember to honor her always. "I'm a runner" is above it, then at the right is "Yoga. Love. Run. Peace" - this quote reminds me so much of my wonderful friend Blaize and I wanted to have a piece of her in my collage. "Be a hero" is at the bottom, reminding me to be a good role model to my girls, and also what my dad said to me after the shuffle.

At the very right of the page is a quote by Aristotle: "Well begun is half done." Meaning just start!

"You have to be willing to write badly." This got cut off on the bottom right.

Upper right - a picture of a woman running with wings on her shoes. I loved this image, it conveyed how I feel when I am running, like I am flying. There's a quote she's running on that says "When you're a vessel from God, you don't even need a boat!" Meaning that God makes a way when there is no way. If it's His plan he will pave the way for you.

On her shirt I put "Got faith?" and then "Running on Faith" over her. Above her it says "There is no place God cannot go."

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