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Day 108: Routines

Monday, April 18, 2011

Dance routines. Morning routines. Comedy routines.

Then there's the ordinary, day-to-day, same ol' same ol'.

Today was the last.

Twenty-some years ago I saw a movie called Parenthood. Mostly I wanted to see it because it had been done by Ron Howard, and in those years after Splash and Cocoon I kept hoping he would make more magic. Personally, he hasn't recaptured it for me, and Parenthood falls into the nonmagical group.

I vaguely remember the principals - Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen (I've always liked her), and Jason Robards. Tom Hulce was in it, post-Amadeus; he proved to be another disappointment IMHO. The film was pretty forgettable to me, except for one scene.

'Granma' is considered to be semi-senile and the family doesn't pay much attention to her. But at a point when husband (Martin) and wife (Steenburgen) are going thru a tough time, she tells a story about herself and 'Granpa.' She says something like 'Your grandfather once took me on a roller coaster - up, down, took my breath away. It was scary, but so exciting! You know, some people don't like roller coasters. They prefer merry-go-rounds, just going around in circles. It's boring. I like the roller coaster!'

Mmm hmm. Just like Life. I confess, I'm more a merry-go-round kind of person. The roller coaster (a big ol' wooden one, years ago) scared holy-H-E-double-hockey-sticks outta me.

The point? I started out with one. Oh, right, routine. Today was routine. Nothing wrong with routine. Kind of peaceful and quiet.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I would like to tell you I'm a rollercoaster type of gal, but on average I'm not! But planned roller coaster rides I like! When I was in my 'formative' years, we sometimes went to an amusement park near Willow Grove, PA. It had three levels of roller coaster rides - easy called the ___?_, medium called the Alps, and a scare you to death - The Thunderbolt. I was born logical . I pondered how to achieve The Thunderbolt. I longed to ride The Thunderbolt, but it scared me spitless!

    I decided to started on the small one until it became ho-hum, I then started riding the Alps until it also became NBD. Then I rode The Thunderbolt, yes I DID! But just once was plenty - enough plenty!

    There is an old poem called, "Somebody said it couldn't be done." emoticon

    Ever since I saw a movie called, "Beneath The Ten Mile Reef" I had dreamed of seeing that for myself. But I was a girl. When my eight year younger brother joined the Navy. I was kinda jealous, then he went into the submarine service and I was even more jealous! The last straw was when he became a Navy scuba diver. Girls were never allowed to have THAT much fun.

    In the '60's, civilian scuba diving became doable. Then my DH decided to take a class. In those days obtaining diving certification required 12 weekly classes of 3 hours each. And so in my early thirties I found myself taking the scuba diving class along with my DH. Oh, and by the way I needed to learn how to swim! I only knew how to hold my breath and swim underwaterand how to do the 'doggy paddle'.
    3609 days ago
    I like 'em both! Merry go rounds get boring as the dickens after awhile, but after a roller coaster ride or two emoticon I'm happy to get back to predictable & boring. Life is better when it's a nice mix of everything, thinks me.
    3609 days ago
    I'm a merry-go-round kind of gal myself. Have a wonderful day! :)
    3609 days ago
    Did you ever ride the roller coaster at Hershey Park? I was 12 and it was my one and ONLY roller coaster ride. I don't like to step out of my comfort zone!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3609 days ago
    I'm more the merry-go-round, too. Some day I hope to be a little more the rollercoaster...stepping beyond my comfort zone more often.
    3609 days ago
    Sounds like a merry go round kind of day.
    3609 days ago
    Sometimes routine is a very, very good thing. Peaceful. Worthwhile. Rest well, routine Kasey! emoticon
    3609 days ago
    Routine is good--think I'm more a Merry- Go- Round person tho!----Sounds like yu are feelin' better there! Lynda emoticon
    3610 days ago
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