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Whatever it Takes

Monday, May 02, 2011











I do not play around when it comes to my workouts and my nutrition. Muscles that work hard need serious fuel and I don't have time for spend in the gym working off junk choices.

Tonight, if you don't get a warm fuzzy feeling from my blog, it's because I am feeling edgy. I feel irritated. I feel I have failed at my goal to give the very best tools that I use to reach my goals, to you, all my Spark friends.

See, it breaks my heart that not everyone can afford a trainer or a gym or a nutritionist. It tears me apart when people don't have the tools they need to make the best choices they can for their health. Everyone has free will, and not everyone wants what I want or is willing to do what it takes to get it.

In my enthusiasm to treat a group collectively the way I would a singular client, I believe I have overwhelmed some dear people, and that was not at all my intent. I usually spend three months with a singular client teach each of these principles step by step and how to integrate change into their life. Also, whether I am making a meal plan for myself or for a client, I take into account their individual goals and their training plan is synched up with their menu so that they know precisely what to eat at what time of day to get the maximum effect out of their nutrition and training.

All I can do is lay open my training journals, my meal plans and say:

Here is what I do. I do it consistently. I do it to the best of my ability.

One of my favorite says is:

If you knew what I know
You would do what I do
and if you did what I did
you would get what I got

This is what I do:

Monday @ Lunchtime: Teach 1 hour of yoga. (This really helped work out the kinks from Fridays lower body workout and Saturdays 3.5 mile run) I have new workout sessions and a new gym that hit muscles in a totally different way and have left me so sore this past week.

Monday Night. Boom Boom Pow! Lower Body Annihilation!
Hit the gym at 5:50. Leave the gym at 7:30 p.m. (this is my longest session of the week and hardest) This is definitely a Cooler 2 1/2 day!!! Wowzer! But I LOVE it!! It is my favorite workout set of the week.

Partial Pull Ups (I'm working on the tope 1/3 of a pull up motion)
Wide grip: 1 x 10, 1 x 7
Narrow grip 1 x 10
Full Pull Up w/120# assist 10

Partial Dealifts (lower range of motion to mid thigh)
3 x 12 x 100

Bulgarian Split Lunge using 25# weight plates
3 x 12 x 25# plates

Sumo Squat w/Smith Machine
3 x 12 x 90#

Lat Pull
Wide grip 1 x 12 x 70#
Narrow Reverse Grip 2 x 12 x 80#

Bench Press
2 x 12 x 70# BB
Third set to failure @ 8 reps

Standing DB Shoulder Press
2 x 12 x 25# DB
Third set to failure @ 30# Barbell 15 reps

3 x 30

Reverse Crunches
3 x 12

Skater Lunges 3 x 30
Jump Squats (in and out over a bench) 3 x 30
Low Squat Frog Leaps 3 x 30
Low Squat Side Shuffle 3 x 30
Cross Leg Up and Over a High Bench 3 x 15
Hop & Jacks 3 x 30




And nothing can stop me, but me and I will not stop!

I have the best team of support.

The best role models.

The best friends.

The best incentives.

I live this day to the best of my ability, so that tomorrow I will have what it takes to live that day to the best of my ability.

I am willing to work hard for what I want.

Define your goal. Find out what it takes to get it. Then do not let anything or anyone stand in your way.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD1625681
    Thank you for this dose of inspiration for my day!!!!
    3551 days ago
    You are one smart cookie :). Love your blogs!
    3551 days ago
    Inspiring so many...Keep it coming!
    3552 days ago
    Dear Carolyn, you HAVE given us the best tools! I am inspired and educated by your blogs all the time. I have a long way to go before I can workout as hard as you do, and be as disciplined at clean eating...but I am satisfied with the changes I am making along the way. I've learned that if I get frustrated and beat myself up about my failures, I'll get discouraged and quit. Instead, I forgive myself and celebrate the successful days!
    3552 days ago
  • DONNA0256
    Carolyn, in no way are you being overwhelming. You are sharing your knowledge and have always let everyone know what works for you. It's up to the individual to tweak any knowledge we receive and incorporate into our lives and how it works for us - if we choose. You are very inspiring and enthusiastic and presented a challenge using the tools that have worked for you and many have jumped on board for their own reasons...at the end of the challenge we each get to evaluate how the plan worked for us. Thanks for taking the time to share!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3552 days ago
    I have *not* been doing what it takes. This past week has been beyond stressful, which is no excuse.

    Time to get back at it 100%.
    3552 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon You are awesome and incredible, I am incorporating alot of what you do nutritionally and really changing my diet. I am slowly working back into the workouts too. I plan to buy Tosca's book, too. I really want to get into this as I can afford it. I just have to go kinda slow as my knee and my finances permit. You did not overwhelm me, but inspired me.
    3552 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    I really appreciate all of the information you share with us. I could see how it might overwhelm someone new to clean eating or working out, but that isn't your fault or a failing on your part in any way!!! People need to be willing to help themselves as well, and understand that there is a component of self-education involved. If what someone wants is to be spoon-fed, then that does not come for free. As the saying goes, you can't please everyone! Please do not question for a minute the fact that you are reaching and inspiring a world of people who are appreciative of the details of your routine you so generously lay out for us like an open book! emoticon
    3552 days ago
    Cha ching........BOOM BOOM I am so in, love the pics!
    3552 days ago
    Thank you for the reminder! Seems like common sense, but sometimes I just need the reminder!
    I definitely use your thoughtful information and determine how I can apply it! Thank you for caring enough to always share, and care!
    3552 days ago
    I want it so bad but I'm not acting out that want. I walk on my lunch but not pushing myself. I need to do more in the evenings beside walking the pups. Have to think this thru and find a way to add more to my day.
    3552 days ago
    Love it! :)
    3552 days ago
    Thank you so much for sharing! I enjoy your blogs very much.
    And yes I want it!
    3552 days ago
    I think you are generous with the way you share all of your lessons learned, all of your knowledge, and all of your heart and soul. I have never had the pleasure or honor of meeting you, but I hope to that some day our paths finally cross. You inspire me to give more to others. You inspire me to push mnyself to be the best me I can be. You make me believe that at 44, I can have the best and healthiest body of my life by reaching for a life of healthy choices and proven strategies. YOU - my dear friend Carolyn - make me proud to be counted among your list of Spark Friends!

    Don't ever let them get you down. Remember - you are Glorious!

    Love ya
    3552 days ago
    You are an inspiration.
    3552 days ago
  • ROSET491
    Sharing all the knowledge you have is what it's all about!How we then incorporate that knowledge is up to each and everyone on their own journey where ever that may be! Thanks for sharing and giving us all that hope or kick depending on the day that we need!!
    3552 days ago
    You haven't let anyone down! It is a lot to digest and everyone is coming from somewhere different literally and figuratively. The medium is different than being one on one. You do an amazing job. Your presentation is flawless. And it is very much appreciated!!!! Thank you Carolyn!
    3552 days ago
    Awesome blog. Awesome quotes! Awesome dedication! This blog really put some things in perspective for me, Carolyn! Thanks for the inspiration!
    3552 days ago
    Love your inspiration and motivation...thanks for sharing so much with us!!
    3552 days ago
    I love all of your information! I just take it all in and adjust it to where I am now and store the rest for future use :-)
    3552 days ago
    You are a fitness freak!!! Look at the transformation :)
    3553 days ago
    Thanks! I, personally, am not overwhelmed-I'm just not where you are at this point. I am inspired by your amazing progress. I am making steps to get there though. I appreciate your input and Amy's. I have reread your blogs from earlier on to see the progression. They are very helpful to me.
    3553 days ago
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