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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

I'm going to try again to write a blog on this accursed site. LOL...only accursed because for each of the last two lengthy blogs which I tried to post, cyber space made a good dinner of them, and they vanished into thin air. This time, I have a back up plan. I will copy the blog into a word document before pressing "post blog entry" and hopefully, if it vanishes, I can post it in a second try.

This week stretches out in front of me like a long desert of nothingness. I don't have a single thing planned to do...nowhere to go. Nothing in the house to do. My gardening is pretty much stalled by the fact that I need to go to town to get some potted herbs. HEY!! Maybe I can dig up a ride to do that today???? That would be WONDERFUL! I even have the pots of dirt ready and waiting for them.

OK, good, so that should take me....uummm...with travel, shopping and getting dressed to go, and then sticking the herbs into the pots....maybe two hours. MAYBE I could stretch it into three hours.....oh. Just remembered. My daughter is having a piece of furniture delivered today...which means I cannot leave the house. :( OH well, the herbs will likely still be there tomorrow.

The yard is a huge mess....full of downed sticks and small branches from ice-laden trees this past winter. It is impossible to mow until the are all picked up. But I can't pick them up because I can't bend down. CAN I????? well, maybe if I use my reacher. The reacher and a rake. And pile them into the wheelbarrow the drive them over to the wooded area next to the house and dump them there.

Dare I???

Is it safe? Well, if I absolutely don't try to bend, the only danger is if I misstep and stumble in the yard. The side yard is full of downed acorns. I wouldn't dare to walk there. One rolling acorn under sneaker...and down i could go. So maybe if I just do the front yard??? That's more than enough to exhaust me anyway. It's something to think about anyway. If the sun comes out and the day beckons me...I may just try it.

The other possible thing I could undertake is cleaning out the side screened in porch on our deck. This room has strong "cute potential". It has two really like 70's lamps in it (remember the cool lighting effects in the seventies???). And these are not put up to be funky by a later generation. NOPE. They are the real thing. Left there from ....you got it....the70's. And they WORK! One of them was rewired by my dad, so I know it won't catch on fire and burn my house down. The other one seems to have held its own.

The porch is carpeted with nice indoor outdoor carpeting...I'm guessing NOT from the 70's. And it is MADE of screened in windows...that right now have their plexiglass winterizers up. I would really like to get those plexiglass things off...they were off ONCE...but then, stupidly, I put them back on. And now, they won't come off anymore. But there MUST be a way. I will have to think about that one.

There is a plastic molded table and chair set purchased by moi. And two tall not so wide "greenhouses" made of green metal and wire shelve and with arched tops and covered in a zippered clear plastic case to make them let in light and keep in heat. NOTE TO SELF: get some cute little plants to keep in there for the summer. You can bring them into the house as houseplants in winter...but they would look so nice in there now.

But, here's the rub...
Right now, the place is stacked with boxes which need to be broken down and piles of already broken down boxes which need to go to the recycling drop off. So get a friend with a truck or large trunk...and get that done quickly. TODAY however, I could break down the remaining boxes and decide where to relocate the rest of the junk.

Right now, I am oppressed by junk.
I'm looking into having a man come with a BIIIIIG truck and haul away about 2/3 of the contents of my house...which is really : ......junk.

Broken space heaters. Old fish tanks. Bed frames...ruined pieces of furniture....mountains of old clothing...you name it; if it's junk. WE GOT IT.

The only thing we DON'T have is a broken down car rusting in our yard.

So we escape being "white trash" by just......inches. LOL.
NO, I do not believe that it's what you possess that earns you that epithet. ....
But anyway...this blog is not about PEOPLE trash but HOUSE TRASH. And no, It's not really about that either.
WHat IS it about??

It's about my life. Which is on hold right now while I recover from these two hip replacements. And boredom. And eating while bored. And not wanting to cook decent meals because i'm bored. Does that make ANY sense to you??? But somehow, being bored, has sucked all of my enthusiasm and energy up and stolen it from me. Maybe I'm depressed?? I'm not sure of that one. If I am, then it's an underground depression. Covert. And not full-blown.

I feel it when I try to think of exercising. There's this heaviness. This "Nah. I don't wanna...." Yesterday, I actually put on workout clothes. And I did some strength training. But my heart wasn't truly in it. I thought I'd tired out my muscles...but today, nothing is sore. So I guess I didn't do an adequate job of overload.

Today, the thought of trying a one mile with Leslie....(oh yeah...she's still here...lurking around with that big toothy smile....hoping to entice me to move. ) But you know...she's got just too much dental glare for me. I'd have to wear sunglasses. And earplugs.

But seriously. I would like to know if I CAN do one mile.
And if I CAN; then why am I NOT????
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    At least the pain of the hip replacements is temporary. Some time in the near future, it won't hurt anymore. You had both done at the same time? Very brave or very necessary. I had one knee replacement and have vowed never to have the other one done!

    Boredom is an energy-killer. Do have any books to read? Are you a knitter or crocheter? Do you have photos around that need organizing? Do you have exercises to be doing? When would it be safe to walk? The weather has finally gotten better and I'm getting to walk my dog. I'll lend her to you. ;)

    I'm sending healing thoughts your way! emoticon
    3425 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/7/2011 7:23:16 AM
    Personally - I would only tackle what I physically can. Such as right now, when I go in my yard, about all I can do is pull perhaps 6-8 weeds, gather a few sticks, and walk around. That is my daily big deal. Baby steps my friend. You can do it, one little step at a time. Just don't over do it.
    3425 days ago
    How can you be bored when you have to continually rewrite your blog? Man, cyberspace must be hungrier than me today because it ate a few of my posts as well. Hang in there Cynthia. I have to tell you that you made me laugh with that prednisone and rather die comment. I totally agree, I HATE the stuff! emoticon
    3428 days ago
    I ended up having a bad asthma attack. Probably should have gone to the hospital or at least to the doctor...but didn't. NOR am I going to take prednisone. Dying from asthma is preferable. So needless to say...I didn' t do any of the stuff I considered. And since pain was really bad today...I couldn't have done anything even if I COULD breathe.
    3428 days ago
  • VXWALL1942
    You've got lots to do. You just have 'spring fever'! The I wanna but ....syndrome. Do you have a pedometer? that works? lol You could use your own music and walk a mile or two. You know how to do it. I can walk a mile...but I don't because I can't move fast enough to get any benefit. You go girl! Take advantage of what you CAN do, and just DO it! Isn't that the Nike way of things? Then make a list of things to do for the week. Not all at once...leave time to talk on the phone, and read, and blog, and give yourself a facial. Lots of potential.

    3428 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Ohh Cynthia I do love your quicky sense of humour .. You are supposed to be resting . you don't want to have to go through all that again do you ? Just a short walk now and again and some strength training is good ..Try to relax and do some up some planning notes as to what you want to do when you are well enough again!
    I assume you are mostly out of pain? hopefully you are ..
    I think you could be depressed..... it happens!!
    Love and Hugs Susie emoticon
    3428 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/3/2011 2:27:42 PM
  • _LINDA
    Out of all you suggested for you to get moving, the only thing I would think is safe for you is walking, so get to it and ignore the rest. It will still be there when you are fully recovered! I would do no more than rake the twigs etc., into a pile and let someone else pick them up and dispose of them.
    Recovering from surgery is just that recovering. Do nothing more without your Dr or physiotherapist's approval. No set backs, remember? be careful and take care,
    3428 days ago
  • THOMS1
    My guess is you're depressed and it sound as though you are feeling pretty helpless with so much to do, so much stuff to get rid of and no one to help you. Maybe you can get a group of your friends to come help you for a clean out day. That's my suggestion but, as long as you have a week of nothing planned why not try some walking and exercise. I guarantee you will feel better when it's done. Try to have a wonderful day. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3429 days ago
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