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Challenge to be Challenged

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wow! With a new day comes a new dawn full of possibilities!

I feel refreshed, renewed and totally clear today. I spent some time in prayer, journaling and reconnecting myself with the passion that God has given me. I am a blessed girl. In my time of sadness, confusion and yes, I will admit desperation yesterday, I kept wondering what has happened to your love of what you do. Why do you feel so flat, void, tired, frustrated, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed all the sudden. Why now? Why this flood of emotion. And why is that voice calling me from the abyss taunting me to come play on the dark side (bulimia has a voice and she is not nice . . . she is a temptress with claws).

In my search and seeking for answers, I realized that my emotions are out of control because I am not listening to my better wisdom. I am trying to strictly stick to a plan and have given myself very little wiggle room. I did not feel this way on the Stripped plan. After the first week of adjusting to the meal plan, I loved the foods and felt satisfied and happy throughout the 28 days . . . well, there was one day every other week that started out with a smoothie that I was not over joyed about! But I even learned to adjust that to work for me.

I don't know why I made such hard and fast rules for myself this time. Maybe because I was writing the plan to include others in the process, trying to think what was easiest to explain and follow for most people. I am not sure. I lost sight of what was best for me and in doing so, neglected to help you see what was best for YOU!

Cooler 1 is so super strict and restrictive. It is still a fabulous base plan and I am not ready to through the baby out with the bath water. This is still my go to plan when I am traveling or in a hurry. Very little prep. I can bulk cook for the week. It is inexpensive and very portable. BUT, it is for a very limited time and here is why . . . it is super low in fats. Fats are very important for hormone regulation. Every function in your body is dependent on hormone production and regulation. So, I am very sorry if you have been trying to stick to the plan and toe the line and have been left feeling drained. Here are some tweaks that will make Cooler 1 a very doable plan. Add nuts and fruit to your morning oatmeal. It could be 2 TBSP natural peanut butter and 1/2 a banana or 1/2 an apple. It could be walnuts and berries. You choose. For one snack of the day add a fat and a little greek yogurt. An example would be, to your tuna add 3 TBSP greek yogurt or I love to have my tuna with 1 TBSP olive oil, chopped tomatoes and italian seasoning. Another example would be chopped grilled chicken, with celery, walnuts and 3 TBSP greek yogurt (make it like a Waldorf salad).

I hope these ideas are helpful to you and that you are not feeling discouraged or overwhelmed. I want you to have the information you need to make the choices you need to make about what is right for you. Listen to your body. No meal plan should leave you feeling drained after the first week. I say that because there is about a week adjustment to any big change in your way of eating.

I have a CHALLENGE within the challenge!!! This weekend I want you to go OFF PLAN!!! Well, almost! LOL!!! I want you to try a recipe from either Clean Eating Magazine, if you get that one, or any of the Eat Clean books you might have OR if you have the Oxygen Bikini ready book a zine . . . there are some yummy family friendly recipes in there. Use the recipe as a guideline to prepare a special meal. Take a picture. Post the picture in a blog or on the Fabulous Fitness Facebook page, along with the source you got it from and a little review. Get adventurous! Try new things! You just might like it!

This is my interpretation of tonights dinner. I was not into the whole soup thing tonight. So It became a black bean and tomato salsa with tilapia. Yummo!

What's for dinner?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It's so true how we can be so strict on ourselves. Balance is the key and it fluctuates too. Keep on keeping on! YOU ARE AMAZING!
    3422 days ago
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Cooler 1 was too little for me too. I used it as my base and I just added more veggies ( I eat loads of vegetables normally) and a little more fat. It seemed to work great. It wasn't enough calories for me otherwise. I'm glad you were able to tweak it for yourself.

    Love the challenge within the challenge! I am surprising my Mom this weekend and visiting her for Mothers Day. She doesn't think we are coming with the gas prices since we were just there a couple weeks ago. I had planned on bringing food to cook. Mom is here on SP too (my #1 friend!) and likes to eat really well and I was trying to decide what to take, but hadn't taken the time to look at new recipes yet. This spurs that on even more :-)

    Thank you again for all you do for all of us! You are awesome and I love learning from what you share :-)
    3423 days ago
    It is all about learning to listen to our bodies and find what works for us, and I love reading what you are doing--it helps me enormously! I opted to not participate in the challenge because after reviewing the plan and thinking things through, I realized that following a plan that is too restrictive simply does not work for me; it starts feeling like a diet instead of a lifestyle, and I am done with diets. Instead, I have been working on being more conscious about what I eat to make cleaner choices, reducing the number and kinds of processed foods in my diet with a goal of eliminating them. Love some of the recipes in the Clean Eating magazine; they have been a hit with my husband, too!
    3423 days ago
    Thanks for listening .... I hadn't thought to post anything about being tired and drained, and I honestly hadn't connected it to my eating, but I think you nailed. Will makes some tweaks and see how things go. Thank you Carolyn. You're a doll.

    emoticon Kelli
    3423 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    Great advice for staying sane...simple tweaks to a great plan that will make all the difference! We'll be camping this weekend, though I may have an opportunity on Sun. to do the challenge within a challenge...I can always tell the fam what I want for Mother's Day is for everyone to enjoy a tasty, healthy meal with me! And my recent Runner's World has some good suggestions for cleaning up bbq fare that I may try...
    3423 days ago
    Love ya!
    3423 days ago
    I am always amazed by you! You have a wonderful ability to pay attention to your body and interpret what it is trying to tell you!

    3423 days ago
    I have not done cooler 1, sounds rough bc I need my fats I sit all day long.

    Im glad you were able to tweek this plan and not get de-railed. I know that you can beat your clawing disorder, you are strong and leading others to a better healthy life.

    Keep up the great work Carolyn, you RAWK!
    3423 days ago
    You are a strong girl and full of positiveness. I like reading all your blogs :)
    3424 days ago
    Thanks. I have the last magazine from my daughter's visit last month. I will try out a recipe.
    3424 days ago
    Great blog as always! Love the Eat Clean magazine and book series. They are a great lifestyle to live by!!!

    3424 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5035425
    Your dinner looks yummy. Finding balance and recentering is so important. It certainly makes a difference in everything else you do.
    3424 days ago
    Love the idea of the challenge! but i work all weekend and sunday is Mother's day and i wasnt planning on cooking, lol

    Tonite's dinner was boring but good. grilled chicken breast, baked sweet potato and string beans. i did make a rhubarb/strawberry compote and it was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! only a TB of sweetener (which i am weaning myself off) and i plan on using it in my oatmeal tomorrow morning. yea!

    thanks for your ideas and amazing thoughts again. God bless!

    when will the results be decided for the perform beautifully? you ROCK! emoticon
    3424 days ago
    Tonight was a little off plan but not horrible. I have been seriously undercutting on the calories and I think that's why my weight isn't moving. Burning too much and not eating enough. Gotta find balance!
    3424 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9748975
    Oh I know that "lady with claws". Too familiar. Good for you for listening to your body, becuase these plans don't allow for each body makeup. AND, I know exactly what smoothie you are talking about with the Stripped plan. Choked it down, but wow was that healthy! keep up the great work and inspiration!
    3424 days ago
    Tonight was cod, sweet potato and broccoli.
    3424 days ago
    You go girl - love that challenge within a challenge idea !
    3424 days ago
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