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Putting away winter clothes.....

Saturday, May 07, 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. I really do NOT like cold weather!! Although now that I work for a school, I've learned to appreciate snow days....lol. The thing that I do like about winter is the clothes. At my current weight I like the fact that in the winter I'm not expected to be seen in shorts or sleeveless tops. Today, as I was packing away the winter clothes, I had mixed emotions. You see, I am single and trying to date. I'm almost in a panic that I will need to go somewhere with someone new and feel so big and out of place with all the other women looking sleek and sexy in their shorts, tanktops, swimsuits, etc. BUT, it is what it is!! I'm not going to go into hiding, I'm not going to stop living life, and I'm sure as heck not going to quit. As I was packing away those winter clothes I kept telling myself that when I get them back out in the fall I will be taking them straight to Goodwill because they are going to be too big for me then!!!

With that motivation in the back of my mind I stayed on track with my food and went walking at my favorite spot, a little lake just 2 miles from me. It was a beautiful evening and I love getting out in the fresh air.

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  • TAMIK1964
    Thank you for the encouragement. I don't let my weight hold me back in the dating field. For some reason I have never felt as heavy as I really am. It usually hits home with me just when I see pictures of myself. Then it hits really hard. I can't even remember how many first dates I've had since the first of the year and even a few second dates. Sometimes the "no second date" part is my choice but whenever it's not my choice I do sometimes think that I'm being passed over because of my weight. That may just be in my head but I always have to wonder........ Over my last 5 years of dating there have been some who look right past the issue and tell me I'm beautiful. Unfortunately, I had to end those relationships for other more serious reasons (alcohol, pain pills, etc.). The comments above are addressing more of just my own insecurities. Along with losing pounds, I hope to gain confidence.

    As for your other question about what my success looks like. That is such a great question and I think I will save that for a blog of its own. It deserves the space and the thought I will have to put into it. I will make that a priority of mine in the next week to address it.

    Thank you again and Happy Mother's Day!!
    3497 days ago
    Hi Tami:
    I share your love of getting out the big clothes. The springs and summers I've had since 2008 have been really uncomfortable due to my weight. But here's good news. We are changing that!

    My point of view on dating and having weight issues while dating: Men are much less concerned about our weight than we are, and only become conscious of it if we make an issue out of it. AND....those men who do notice weight immediately ARE NOT the type of men to consider for long term commitments. They aren't worth it. here's the deal from my view: There are two types of beauty: inner and outer. Inner beauty surpasses outer beauty, completely derails outer beauty. If someone cannot see my inner beauty, they lack the soulful capacity to move beyond what they see and take into account how the person makes them feel. To those half blind people, I say goodbye.

    So date with a smile on your face; your introductory journey here is actually going to help you ferret out the losers from the winners. I would recommend being yourself, explain that you are on a fitness journey to better health but don't you dare put yourself down in front of them or give yourself guff. You're beautiful on the inside and THAT is what endures. emoticon

    QUESTION FOR YOU- what does success in your journey look like? Bog and tell me what you envision yourself and your life, attitude, and activities will be like when you are at your goal. Write it down. I did that and it is really motivational! I think of that picture when I feel like giving up. It stopped me at 8 M&Ms at the church refreshment table, when normally a sweet urge would have convinced me it'd be fine to have two donuts and three cookies.
    3497 days ago
    Your lake picture looks beautiful (relaxing). With your positive attitude you will reach your goals. emoticon
    3498 days ago
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