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Man, I Feel Like a Woman

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yes, that was totally in reference to the song by Shania Twain, for those of you have may have recognized it. Today has been an amazing day and I am feeling tip top of the world!!! The house looks better than it has since the day I moved in, five years ago.

Carpets have been shampooed, mirrors, windows, and baseboards cleaned. Beds stripped and fresh linens put on them. Cooking for this week is complete. I have my little crustless quiches made for my snacks this week. Chicken grilled. Eggs boiled. Menus made. Workout schedule made. Gym bag packed. Laundry clean.

I'm sitting in a totally clean house with candles lit for a cozy atmosphere, feeling totally relaxed about the events leading up to my sons graduation and wedding this weekend. This is also the last week of the 28 Day Eat Clean Challenge. I cannot state how very important it is for me to have a menu plan to fall back on when I am busy. I hate to have more decisions to be making at this time that would distract or take away from the specialness of this time.

Monday I have my lower body workout, which I love!!!! Heavy weights! Lots of squats and lunges.

Tuesday, I am taking my daughter in law to be and I will be going to have our eye lashes enhanced . . . they glue in individual eyelash hairs to thicken and lengthen your lashes so it looks like you are wearing mascara. I might cry once or twice this weekend!

Wednesday is my chest and back workout at the gym.

Thursday I will finish the bracelets for the bridesmaids.

Friday morning I will start cooking the quinoa salad, blueberry oatmeal, breakfast quiche, and hopping john. In the afternoon I will pick up my girlfriend from the airport. Friday night we have a dinner to go to at the university to honor the graduates.

Saturday morning will be a busy time as our son and some of the graduates may come by for a little breakfast before graduation. Graduation is at 10 a.m. Since my family is not coming for the graduation or wedding, I have asked neighbors of ours who are dear friends to be my stand in parents for the weekend. They will be at the house to fire up the grills, and help with putting out foods for after graduation. The house will really be busy then. And the weather doesn't look good, so I am grateful that we have cleared stuff out of the house and widened traffic flow patterns. We have enough space for 20 to sit down to eat. This gathering will serve as a celebration of my sons graduation and a rehearsal dinner (in my house). I will be meeting the family and friends of the bride for the first time. This is my favorite type of thing. Anyone who knows me, knows that I love hosting. I love meeting and greeting. Getting to know new people. Entertaining and hosting this is my thing. I love it!

Sunday is another very full day. Of course we will start with brunch which will be leftovers that have been re-vamped with fruits and pumpkin muffins on the side. In the afternoon we will be decorating the church and getting all spruced up for the formal photographs that will be taken at 2. Then I am sure there will be lots of running to be done and last minute things to be purchased before the wedding at 7pm. It will be a loooooong day. This one is a little out of my league. I am not the 'hostess' at this one. This is not my gig, so I don't know exactly how it might go or what is expected of me.

Monday I will be spending some time with my best girlfriend before driving her to the airport. It will be a fun time for she and I. We are a fabulous team. She knows what I need before I even ask. We have been together for tough times and had some of the best times together. I am so looking forward to this time with her.

Tuesday it's back to work. Business as usual! LOL!

I did not know two years ago when I started this health journey that I would be here . . . this woman, at this time. This was not my goal, I didn't plan to 'get in shape' for this time. However, I do believe it was Gods purpose and plan. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have all these activities to do if I didn't have the physical strength and stamina that I have now. I cannot imagine that I would be sitting here feeling so at peace, comfortable and confident if it had not been for the utterly amazing journey I have had these past two years.

So, yes, I feel like a woman. A strong, confident woman who knows she was created for a purpose. My purpose this week is to share with all who I am blessed to meet, host, cook for or come in contact with, the abundance I am blessed to have received.

Be Beautiful! Be You!
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