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Day 137: Little Bit of This, Little Bit of--

Monday, May 16, 2011

--that, o'course.

I'll throw this out and see what you think: I am COLD. I mean, as in freezin' cold. True, it's been rainy and damp here, perhaps a little chilly, but my hands and feet are like blocks of ice, and even walking around and my short sessions of fitness and so on don't seem to get the blood circulating. I am so cold that a hot flash would (almost!) be welcome relief. Anybody else have this problem? Is it from losing weight? Himself says 'You don't have as much insulation as you used to.' Mebbe so. I know I get more serious all the time about moving to warmer climes, sauna-like heat, bugs, and whatever else notwithstanding, lol...

I did mostly practical things today: put together a menu for the week, and drew up the grocery list. Got the shopping done, then the blood test. Results should be back by Wednesday afternoon. And the first available appointment with the GP I could get was the first of June! I think there's a cloud on the NHS horizon that makes me very uneasy. Another thought to put in the mental Ignore File.

I hadn't seen this practice nurse in several years, as the other one is the diabetes specialist,* and she remembered me. What's more, she was (shall I say) effusive in her praise. She said she's never heard of anyone who was able to turn things around from the point I had, in the fairly short time I did, and manage to come off the Metformin and control Type 2 with lifestyle changes. I was - in BritSpeak - chuffed! Himself reminded me that the doctor said he'd only seen one other person achieve that, so I really am getting quite pleased with myself. As Marenamoo always says, 'Be ever vigilant,' and so I will be cautious. But it's still a great feeling, especially when people notice.

*There don't seem to be any physicians' assistants here. I would say that the practice nurses fill that role, to some extent. The ones I've worked with have been brilliant, and I would rather see them than one of the doctors, as a rule. But of course they can't prescribe, and by the same token, they can recommend changes in medication but it still has to be cleared by a GP - hence the GP appointment in June. I've been having some strange spells (for lack of a better word) where I get dizzy and lightheaded, almost as though I'm going to faint. It's a decidedly unpleasant feeling, and I'm wondering if my BP dips sufficiently low that the medication is now causing an 'overdose' of sorts. And as my body weight has dropped, perhaps the amount of medicine needs to be decreased. Well, you can see why I need to consult the professionals, ain't?

Back to today: I did the challenge fitness (nearly done round two now, as I'm in week 7), a brief WiiFit, and the half-hour treadmill-with-incline. I'm very pleased with that, all the way around. No, it's not strenuous, particularly. But it is moving, my muscles like it, and most of all, the PF has not shown up to the party so - so far, so good.

Tomorrow we have company coming over, and Himself has a cousin who will be staying with us over the weekend, so I'm starting to gear up with planning meals and whatnot. Some days I feel like I don't know what to do with myself, other days I feel as though I'm swamped with things that all need to be done at once. Ah well. Quiet days - always a good thing, thinks me.

As Kurt Vonnegut used to say, So it goes, so it goes. Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go, Kasey! You are really making strides (a little treadmill humor!). Be proud of your accomplishments and enjoy the recognition! I know you'll be monitoring the dizzy spells. Funny... several people are having the same prob. Could it be seasonal allergies? Just a thought!
    3580 days ago
    Way to go Kassey! My DH lost about 25 pounds last year and now is complaining of being cold...he was always hot before...now he needs to wear an snowmobil suit to bed!!! (just kidding). As I am losing the weight, I no longer have issues with hot flashes or nite sweats so I bet it is caused by weight loss. I'm glad you're seeing the doc so that your meds can be altered. You have done an amazing job!!! emoticon
    3581 days ago
    And, so it goes. :) Good for you on all of your hard work paying off! I hope you warm up and that you enjoy your company! emoticon
    3581 days ago
    emoticon Sending you some hot tea. Being cold is definitely a problem related to 'Less Insulation' I think. I have always been cold natured, but this is RIDICULOUS!!!
    Please be very careful with the B/P meds/dizziness. I am glad that you have an appt with the GP, the sooner the better think me!!
    3581 days ago
    Wow - all your hard work is really paying off! The dizziness and cold could be a number of things; good thing that you've just had bloodwork done. That might give you some answers.

    Sending positive vibes your way!
    3581 days ago
    Yup--- probably from the changes in yer weight--feeling cold I mean!!! It IS amazing how you have turned things around!It can be done , me says!!--You are my "shining star"" here Kasey! Great blog--- Lynda emoticon
    3581 days ago
    Good bet that your blood pressure is dropping low at times---that is why you feel the cold more and the dizzy spells----also could signal that you are low in iron---had these same problems in the past. And I know my blood pressure is back to the low side as I get cold really easy again. We now have nurse practioners over here now---and they can prescribe the basic meds for infections---and if the patient has other symptoms, they refer you to the doctor---usually they come in and see you right then---you might have to stay in the room longer but at least we don't have to come back. The physician's assistants seem to work more with the specialists---like heart doctors and orthopaedic docs.
    3581 days ago
    Love that you got the recognition for all your changes and effort! emoticon emoticon
    3582 days ago
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