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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am so excited!!!! Everything seems to be coming together. The flowers were delivered tonight! They look lovely, simple but lovely. They are pink hydrangeas. I will take pics tomorrow to share! The brides bouquet is two pink hydrangeas with ivory colored roses. The stems are wrapped in ribbon with little pearl head pins down the stem to look like buttons.

I didn't plan my schedule today as well as I thought I had. Actually, my schedule was fine, it was working around my sons schedule that became the issue. I had given him my car and my debit card so that he and his fiancee could go pick up one of the bridesmaids. I expected they would be back in town mid afternoon, they were not. I needed my debit card to get my errands done after work. So, I was about an hour and thirty minutes later than I had intended. I got my nails polished (fingers and toes), picked up plates, table clothes and table skirts for the wedding. Went to the grocery store to get ingredients for the pumpkin muffins my boys love! I will be making them for brunch on Sunday.

About lunch time today I got a notice that some things that I had purchased had been delivered to the house. It was hard to sit at work knowing that my new workout clothes were sitting on my door step!!! Since I couldn't go out to run my errand right after work, I popped by the house to check out the goods!!! I'm glad I did!!! In addition to my workout clothes, my new protein powders came!!!! Lucky day!

When I tried on the new outfits, I had to snap a pic . . . 1. because they are so darn cute and 2. I promised I would post a pic and write a comment. I plan to wear them to the gym in the morning to do my boom boom pow workout. I will write a full blog review about the clothes and provide links to the website after I get a chance to workout in them and can give you a better assessment other than that they are cute and feel wonderful!!!

This tank is super long, comes down to my mid hip, and is super stretchy I could stretch it to mid thigh if I wanted to! I LOVE it!!! Sorry the picture isn't clear. The rhinestones are silver and pink and say Fit Diva! Perfect!

I feel fit! In January when I started "Project Fit in the Dress" for my sons wedding, I merely wanted to reduce the size of my hips and thighs so that the very fitted dress would have a little wiggle room and not look like the skin on a grape across my booty. Little did I realize that I would end up needing to buy a dress that was two sizes smaller than the original dress. I sit here tonight feeling like I have already met the goal for this weekend. I feel healthy, strong and confident. If I had not changed my lifestyle two years ago, I would not be as physically healthy as I am right now. Being overweight and unhealthy left me feeling tired and with very little stamina. If I was feeling tired from all the 'things to be done' I would be feeling overwhelmed, emotional. That would not allow me to fully enjoy this time with my family and friends.

I am indeed feeling like a fit diva. I'm blessed and feel honored to have my health, my family, my friends and a God whose timing is perfect.
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