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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where you know what you want to do and don't know where to start? Yep that is me, even though I have been down this road multiple times I just can't seem to get started. Right now my kitchen is being remodled and I haven't had a stove for 2 weeks and a sink for 4 weeks(by the time I get one) so trying to use the microwave and grill hasn't been easy. Most of the time it has been eating out. Not good diet wise either. On my way to get chinese food yesterday I was just disgusted with myself. I don't normally even eat all of it, it usually ends up as 2 meals, but I came to the point of "this needs to stop soon". However I am sure it isn't until the sink is done and I can actually cook and clean the dishes.

I guess part of the issue is right now I know I need to make a change NOW, and starting to feel overwhelmed...baby steps are great but then I only focus on them instead of adding on.

Ok enough of the whining...time to own up to what I can control. I have got to give up sweet tea(not going to lie but this one is going to be realllllllllyyyyy hard!) While the food situation isn't great I can try to do better for my lunch and break while at work. Exercise is another toughie considering I am gone from the home for 11 and 1/2 hours when working. So either doing it early morning(talking at least 5 am...way to early for this girl) or just doing it after work regardless of what is going on. I can always go for walks when I am off work, especially when there is just my dog(possibly dogs). I am slowly forming the plan, but it isn't quite there yet. Again I just don't have a great starting point right now...so trying to do what I can for now.
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    You know that old saying Heather........the only way to eat an elephant............ONE BITE AT A TIME.........which just means you can only do one thing at a time and then move onto the next thing in order to...........KEEP YOUR SANITY...... so Annie is right, if you need me to do anything thing you just whistle or holler or call or send up smoke signals and I will be on it like a duck on a junebug. LOL

    I am also so thankful your back. I have so missed you.
    Love yer guts,
    3338 days ago
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    You know how it works best- start with 1 thing to change and it will probably snowball, until you get moving in that direction you want! The weeks without the sink will be over before you know it girl- make your plans as to how you want to attack this, and of course, never give up!
    Love ya lots!

    ~Ursula emoticon
    3339 days ago
    Is there somethin' ANYTHING any one of us- yer' old gang can do... invites to teams, leaderships, the *word* out on what's goin' on... ANYTHING?!! You know you can count on *moi* to 'do' whatever it takes, to HELP you!! Throw ya' a broom, a horse, a set a' wings... SPEAK 'it' & 'it' shall be DONE!!

    It's sooo wonderful to *see* you!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    ::runs back in::
    Oh, btw, ANY of your teams I picked up to salvage... ANY of 'em WHAT-SO-EVER that you're ready to lead or... if nothin' else, join till you're ready, you just send me the word, girlfriend & I'll get right on it!!
    3340 days ago

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    just noticed now that you have been on the site for a while ;) So scratch the whole "Welcome" part of my post!

    3340 days ago
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    ugh, i feel like this every day of my life! I always say that I won't eat out, and I will learn new healthy recipes.. and then I got two weeks.. and BAM I hit up a Subway, or order a Pizza. And I do not have a kitchen being redone ;) I can only imagine if I did.. I would be in the exact same boat as you!

    Good Luck, I hope you find that starting point that you are looking for.

    Welcome to Sparkpeople, it is actually a fantastic site, full of motivation and ideas that I would have never thought of.

    I suggest trying the 28 bikini challenge. It is 10 minutes a day plus 30 minutes of Cardio a week. It is so easy to fit into a schedule, and you can alter the videos so that it is easier for you. That may be a first step.

    So, Good Luck!
    and I wish you numerous amounts of success!
    3340 days ago

    I am a lot like you, not the kitchen thing, but the not knowing where to start and trying it loads of times. I was never serious about them, till now. I have found some brilliant motivators that have made me kick my bum into gear.

    I hope everything works out for you, and you find a starting point!

    Good luck!

    Oh and I hope your kitchen is finished soooon :)
    3340 days ago
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