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Day 171: One for the Team

Monday, June 20, 2011

Some time ago - we're talking months, not years - I joined an SP team called WeBlog. As you've heard me say before, I go thru phases where I write. (And equally thru stages where there are hardly any words at all. Moderation in all things? More like from one extreme to the other, I guess, but I'd like to think it all balances out in the long run, lol.) I thought a team devoted to blogging sounded like a good motivator to get me to write more often, and maybe give me some ideas. Which it has.

We've been having a little discussion over there, as the leader has gone quiet (shades of coincidence - I think the leader on a couple teams I know has gone quiet too; she's still here on Spark, but rarely posts... I'm referring to those teams, ah, I lead, but I digress) and we're keeping the team active until her return.

At any rate, one of the team members posted a blog challenge to write a blog about our progress and our current program, things like that.

I suppose I do that fairly often - that is, I've done some blogs with photos to show my progress to date, and I've talked about some of the techniques that have worked (are working) for me in terms of improvement, overall health, etc.

While I'm more than happy to spout off about those things that have worked for me (how many of you have cringed at the sight of some of my wordy postings? raise your hands... oh, wait, too many to count... tell you what, those of you who DON'T think any of my blogs have been OTT, raise your hands... aha, thought so... you three should go back and read 'em from the beginning, lol), I am ever so reluctant to suggest other people follow 'my' plan, or do the things I do.

I am of the firm belief that not everything will work for everybody. An example: I have a snack at night, within an hour of turning out the light. I know what 'they say,' that eating at bedtime just allows your body to convert all the calories to stored fat... that it wreaks havoc with your metabolism... that the worst time to eat is when you won't be up and around to use the fuel... I know.

But after much (MUCH) trial and error, I found: 1) eating a light snack settles my stomach; 2) I don't have trouble falling asleep because I'm hungry; 3) I don't wake up in the middle of the night and have a ravin' cravin'; 4) I'm not starving when I get up in the morning - hungry, but not ravenous; and most of all, 5) my blood glucose is very happy with this.

Would that work for you? Hellifeyeknow. Some of you say you do best if you don't eat any additional food after supper, or after 8 PM, or within two hours of bedtime. To that I say - good for you! You've found something that works for you, something you can live with, and THAT is the important thing.

So, in short (hah) - in terms of progress, it's not too bad. I've got some things that still need to be sorted (more weight to lose, better fitness, get the BP stable in the normal range, etc), but overall, especially compared to where I was when I started, not too bad.

In terms of my program - it's a work in progress. A work IN progress FOR progress, if you will. I'm struggling with the BP, really struggling with it, so I'm being scrupulous about salt, really conscientious about fresh produce (fiber), and drinking enough water to float a battleship - all this in addition to making sure I move, fairly vigorously, for at least 30 minutes a day. We shall see.

But constant monitoring, tinkering, experimenting, tweaking - with yourself as the lab experiment - is the only way to find out what works, IMHO. Things change, metabolism changes, food-burning efficiency changes, YOU change. Nothing living is static. There's continual change, and myself, for myself, I need to keep adapting the plan to accommodate the changes.

I can't head directly into the wind, but I can tack and adjust the sails as I go along.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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  • no profile photo CD5080021
    I agree with you fully. I have found each one of us has to tweak our eating habits to find what works. I have found also, a glass of soy milk, or a light english muffin helps me sleep without being hungry, and I don't wake up to major hunger. My dad was a diabetic, and they had him eating a snack with some protein before bed. It did seem to help his numbers.
    3545 days ago
    Your attitude is so GREAT! I love your idea of tweaking constantly - and of modifying your plan to work just right for you! Thanks for sharing your ideas and thoughts.
    I am very much aware of how our thoughts - and attitude - are essential for success in this process.

    emoticon emoticon
    3546 days ago
    I love your blogs, don't read them as often as I'd like but love starting my day seeing where you finished yours!

    I am a firm believer in trial and improvement. You try something and tweak it in the direction that you think will get you to the solution. It would be nice if everything was a lovely mathematical formula because then you'd know what direction to tweak it in. Alas, life is not like that so trial and error it is.

    Thanks for this blog.... just what I needed today!
    3546 days ago
    I suppose - bottom line - that consistency is the key. Keep reading for information & encouragement from testimonials. This is a lifelong focus.

    And we can't feel too guilty about missing some of the teams. After all, there are many we can relate to, and there's not time to keep up with every great team. So our interest peaks and wanes. I think that's not so bad - rather, it's normal.

    You're doing VERY well. And I have to eat a little before bed too, or I wake up from hunger. I don't know how others sleep through when dinner at 6:00 is the last bite!

    Have a good sleep!!
    3546 days ago
    And wouldn't life be boring if we were all exactly the same (and I wouldn't be reading blogs such as yours LOL!) Count me in the number who enjoy your blogs, and who agrees that one size does not fit all! Sleep tight!

    3546 days ago
    Okay, I am one of the 3 that don't think your blogs are too long---LOL--and I agree---what works for one does not work for others---just proves you are a smart lady!
    3546 days ago
    If you haven't figured out I go seeking your blogs, you're not as bright a light as I figured. emoticon Seriously, I subscribe so I won't miss any.

    Besides, I identified us as kindred spirits. I, too, believe that one size does not fit all... that one has to find the routine / system that works for YOU. And that is not necessarily what works for ME.

    That said, I'm a three meals and three snacks a day... all of moderate size. All packed with nutrition. My kid sis, who is diabetic, tells me I eat the way they tell her to eat. Hmmm. Well, maybe that's why I'm avoiding diabetes... or maybe I just got the good end of the family gene pool in that regard.

    Still, I've found a good combination for me for now. And I wish the same for all my fellow Sparkers!

    Rest well, Kaseyfriend! emoticon
    3547 days ago
    I enjoy your blogs--immensely!!--Keep them up!----If you are like me, the blogs help you too--I find if I write it , I see my goals for the day--Rarely do I have nothing to write about---Sometimes I don't even know where the blogs are going--they just come out--LOL--- so---Keep up yer blogging girl!!--You have done SO well too---an inspiration to the rest of us! emoticon Lynda from the North!
    3547 days ago
    I think that is it in a nutshell Kasey, trial an error. You are so right about the constant changes, and monitoring. Track and adjust! emoticon
    3547 days ago
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