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The Truth about Diabetes

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I wouldn't be surprised if every person out there knew at least ONE person who is living with diabetes. It feels like people are ashamed to admit that they suffer it, it's only one aspect that puzzles me.

My husband suffers from Type 2 Diabetes. A little over a year ago we discovered in a very unpleasant way (hospitalization) that his blood sugars were dangerously high and completely out of control. He was given two very real choices. 1. Get it under control NOW and live or 2. Keep neglecting your health and prepare for amputations and a very unpleasant death.

The reality of his situation scared him straight. He started losing weight, became religious about checking his sugars & taking his meds and insulin, eating well.. in short, he quickly became the poster boy for "How to be a GOOD Diabetic". Then he wavered.. decided he was doing so well that he deserved a reward. The rewards became plentiful & frequent and eventually all consuming. Now, he takes insulin based on what he wants to eat. Um HELLO? Anyone out there with this disease knows that is just wrong.. Anyway, I'm not going to rant about all of the things that concern me about his decaying habits in terms of controlling his disease. I have more than can be expressed here or that anyone would care to hear.

Last night, my uncle died of complications due to decades of uncontrolled diabetes. He went through the very process my husband's Doctor's warned him about. One leg was amputated, then the other. One by one his organs shut down, his body could not cope with the disease and many complications that it brings with it when neglected.

I have now lost two uncles to Diabetes.

A very dear friend of mine and my family is currently having her fingers amputated, one at a time. She too, ignored decades of Doctor's advice and warnings. Last year she was fitted with a splint to her kidneys tho she wasn't ill yet, the signs were all there. Her body was shutting down. Her condition is so fragile right now after months of being hospitalized, that her amputations are done while she is awake. That's right - she is AWAKE and under a local anesthetic while they cut her fingers off, one a day, trying to beat the disease that now threatens to take her one body part at a time. She may not feel the pain of the actual procedure, but make no mistake. She is in deep, heart wrenching, excruciating pain over all.

Sure does make the pain of poking one's fingers for blood sugar tests seem insignificant by comparison, doesn't it? Insulin can be painful to take as well, I know. My husband has a fear of needles yet has to inject himself 4X every day, it never gets easier for him. The alternative is.. unacceptable.

After hearing the news of my uncle this morning & about an hour of silent grief I marched into my husband's office where he was working on his computer and told him that from today on, he was no longer going to slack off and be dismissive of his disease because it was often inconvenient to do what he needed to. I lost it.. I mean, I just lost it. All around me are the absolute worst case scenarios of what this horrible disease can do to a person who will not treat it properly.. it's heart breaking.. it's downright terrifying..

I cannot watch my husband go down this same path..

My brother was recently diagnosed with diabetes, as has our cousin. This disease has such a firm hold on my family.. It doesn't have to win every time.

To anyone out there reading this who has diabetes or knows someone who is suffering from this destructive disease .. please, please, please.. open your eyes if they are not already open. Don't let this happen to you or your loved ones. Get educated. See your doctors. BECOME healthy.. live a long life for yourself and your loved ones..

Control the disease, do not let it control you.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    When I sat down to take "inventory", so to speak, of the people in my life who have experienced the worst of what diabetes has to offer it really scared me. I apologize to anyone who may feel my description of what can happen and IS happening above is too graphic, too horrible.. but it's also right on the mark.. These aren't the things that *could* happen with neglected and uncontrolled diabetes.. these are the things that WILL happen.. I wouldn't wish any of it on my worst enemy.

    Scrivie - please do take care of yourself now so that you can live a healthy, long life. I'm so happy that you are choosing the healthy path.. the unhealthy one seems and is so easy at first, but there is such a high price for taking what may at first feel like the easy way out...

    OK getting off of my soap box now.. can you tell I'm upset? :)
    3474 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3393565
    This is why I started exercising. I really do not want to die.
    3474 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2701801
    wow that is awful! i do know a few who have it and they take care of themselves.. one died cause he couldnt deal with it at all.. thats sad too.. it doesnt run in my family but husbands it does..
    That was good to read.. cause to me there is no question..do what you need to do.. to have a normal life.. and you can..!
    3474 days ago
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