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Starting the Stress Busting Challenge!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I decided to join the stress busting challenge, and one of the steps is to keep a "stress journal". I figured I'd include a stress segment in my daily blog entry for these four weeks. We'll see how I do.

Stress Day One:
- I don't like my parents dogs. They bark and they pee everywhere (I guess technically they're still just puppies). Even when they're put up it's hard for me to watch a movie or exercise because they can hear it and whine and bark and whine NON STOP.
- My parents have terrible taste in music. We were running errands today and they were listening to AWFUL sappy, saccharine, ooey gooey peppy garbage. It caused me stress because I very much wanted to change the station but I was a passenger and they were in charge of music.

Nothing big. Most of my stresses involve the fact that while I'm at home with my parents for the summer, I'm not 100% in charge of my environment. That's tough when nine months out of the year, I DO get to decide when and where and what I do. Then again, the school year will bring all OTHER kinds of stresses into my life. Hopefully this program will help me learn how to cope with stress before I'm ambushed.

Health wise, I was pretty good today. I indulged in some fudge while I was out shopping with my parents, but I tracked it and didn't feel guilty. I was about 60 calories over my limit, but I'm ok with that - I exercised rigorously in the morning and went on a walk in the evening. I figure it'll all even out.

I also began reading a book about finding your true love. It's really got me thinking. I haven't been in a serious relationship in two years, and I blame it on everything from a too small school to the fact that I hate parties (I'm a young adult who doesn't drink or do drugs, doesn't believe in god and loves sex). "You'll never meet anyone if you don't go to parties!" Very true. But because I'm also an RA, it's my job at parties...to end them. Confiscate the alcohol and drugs and send people home. So...I'm pretty much the opposite of a seductive, mysterious catch. In my classmates eyes, I'm a giant kill joy! I suppose I could put "future/lack of relationships" on my stress list. But it doesn't really cause me stress. Mostly just exasperation.

Pretty good start to the week. Gearing up for back to school August 4th. It'll be a challenge to maintain my plan during RA training for two weeks before school. We'll see how it goes.

Peace and love, ya'll.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have to chuckle while reading your blog! It flows so nicely and sounds like your life has the makings of a sitcom! I'm wondering what you're studying at school???

    Must be hard being an RA. I never really gave it much thought before. When I was in college we had "dorm mothers" who sat at the front desk 24-7 and we had one RA in the entire building who was a married woman who was NOT a student and who lived in an apartment on the second floor of the dorm. People only went to her with severe issues and the only time we really saw her was during fire alarms. Shows you how old I am! lol.....and yeah it was different for my son when he was in college. They had an RA on every other floor I believe.

    Well good luck with working your plan as you return to your school and RA training. Don't worry about the relationship thing....it'll come. And just think...no more listening to mom's music will be here before you know it.

    Stick with her, you sound like a person who knows what they want!
    3517 days ago
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