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Stress Busting Day 2, plus fun stuff

Monday, July 18, 2011

Stress Day Two:
- This dumb speeding ticket I got. I'm mostly angry at myself for being stupid enough to get it, but now I have to remember to go to court and be polite and follow all the steps. It's my first ticket ever and I'm pretty nervous. Definitely a stressor!
-Hearing my mom's strained voice on the phone when I called and told her about the ticket. She wasn't mad (which surprised me!) but her work day was going poorly and hearing HER feel stressed made ME feel stressed.
-This may sound weird, but social justice stresses me out. I feel a little weird that my mom hires a very kind, very hard-working Hispanic woman to clean our house every two weeks. It makes me feel elitist, classist, etc. She does a great job and we pay her an adequate amount, but still. My parents are able-bodied people capable of cleaning their own home but use the "too busy" excuse and assign the job to someone else.
-This isn't really a stressor, more of an annoyance, but I get pimples symmetrically. If there's one on my face near my left eye, there will be one near my right eye. They occur in pairs. It's really odd. But they're the painful kind of pimples that sit under the skin and you can't pop them but they huuuurt and just form a weird looking bump.

Let's just observe how I complained about social justice and pimples in the same entry. Obviously in the grand scheme of things pimples don't matter, and putting it in perspective helps reduce my stress concerning that issue.

-I voted for the first time in my local city council elections. The 80 and 90 year old volunteers were THRILLED that a "beautiful young woman" had come to vote. "WE'VE GOT A FIRST TIMER HERE!" Pretty adorable. Hopefully my guys (no female candidates?!) win!
-I spent three hours at the library perusing the stacks and picking out bunches of books. In this digital age (I wax philosophical in my BLOG POST for pete's sake), sometimes it's nice to power down and crack open a physical, paper and glue BOOK.

In addition to the book about finding your true love, I'm reading an awesome book about ethical consumerism. It's somewhat hard to read, because it presents all sides of the issue and doesn't give any clear "do this and you'll save the world" answers. It gives you the facts and resources and suggestions you need to make informed choices. I like that.

Food wise - good. Exercise - could have been better, but I did get in a killer arm strength training workout. Go me!

Peace and love, ya'll.
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    emoticon on putting stressors in perspective, water and exercise!
    3516 days ago
    Bummer on the speeding ticket.
    Do you think the Hispanic woman who cleans your house see her job as socially unjust? Maybe she sees herself as an entrepreneur, and appreciates the business?! Just a thought.
    Love to read what you have to say-you're a fun and thought provoking writer.
    3517 days ago
    I like you talking about both good and bad, it's nice to hear it all.
    3517 days ago
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