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Earned - Never Given

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Earned-Never Given

If you know me even a little bit you know that I am a former Marine (there are no ex-Marines as I continue to tell my baby sister even after all these years and we Marines take that very seriously as petty as it may seem to some it was a title hard earned). Some may wonder why I post military things here in sparkland but the traits and principles I learned in the military, particularly the Marine Corps are near and dear to my heart and ingrained in me. This week I reflect on the anniversary of the death of my first cousin's husband and two weeks ago the death of HIS best friend and his burial at Arlington so bear with me please.

And here in sparkland, these traits and principles hold true as well and this particular word and phrase du jour is one that I am proud to say I feel honored to feel about a hand full of very dear spark friends and mentors.
Thank you Suzanne aka Pinkhope. This one is for you. There are others but today I want to honor you.

Respect has to be earned.

“Respect is earned never given” is so true. We are lucky America because some of our military leaders are the best and brightest and hopefully one day they will help lead this country once they are finished with the military. Respect never goes away unless you give it away. It’s like that of integrity. You don’t lose it unless you give it away.

Respect is not only produced by what one says but more importantly by what one does.. Actions always speak louder than words. There is a saying that once you are in combat, the frauds will be found (those that have been all bravado and all talk, kissing butt through their careers. There are those and the other kind that walk the talk). A title of one Marine Corps recruiting poster states….Earned never given. This is so true.

You may not know many that you truly respect but for those you do know, find away to stay close to them, keep you mouth shut, ears open and have something to write with because you may only get once chance to catch something they say. Don’t miss your opportunity to make yourself better.

Press on!
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