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Monday, August 08, 2011


I have not written much about my training for the upcoming duathlon (bike/run). Partially because I have been traveling a lot this summer and have not had much time to blog. And now that I am back to 'normal' schedule, I have been super busy.

Every since I started back to work, I have been having trouble with staying healthy and strong. I have had one cold/sinus thing after another for the past two weeks. Oddly, I would clear up over the weekends and then be sick again by Wednesday morning.

Also, I am a little discouraged with myself. I have not trained as I should have for this duathlon. I am not as prepared as I would like to be. I don't like going into an event doubting my ability to perform well. I started off the summer training the best I knew how. Since I have never done a combination event, I really should have consulted with some of my friends who have and gotten a good feel for how many weeks and how many ride/runs I would need to be doing for this type of training.

I only gave myself 12 weeks of training and traveled for most of 8 weeks of that. While traveling, I did take my bike and I did get in all my miles. I slacked off when I went to California a couple weeks ago. I ran a couple times, but no bike time at all. The number of training 'bricks' (combination of riding and running) I have gotten in for this event, to be honest, I'd say 10 - 12. I should have gotten in a minimum of 16. I know I have not given this my all. That saddens me on a couple levels.

I have found the transition to running from riding to be slow and clunky feeling. I have not 'loved' any of my 'bricks'. I never get into the flow part of running that I love. This is making me not enjoy my running. On Sunday I hit the riding trail with my hubby for my training brick. 15 mile bike ride with a 2.5 run. Hubby is not a morning person, so we got out there later than I would have liked and the heat and humidity were not pleasant. The ride was amazing! I don't have the fastest bike and I'm not the strongest rider, but I do enjoy it. I currently ride a Raleigh Hybrid which I just got fixed up with a new seat and new toe straps to help me ride more efficiently. I have been a little leery about switching to a road bike or a racing bike, because I was not sure this was a sport I would want to invest that kind of money into at this time. Now I know, I need a lighter, faster bike.

After the ride, I mounted my bike onto the car rack as quickly as I could (imagine Nascar pit crew), pulled off my helmet and gloves and took off running. Oh, my rear end felt like it had two 10 pound bags of sand on it!!! When did my butt get so heavy and my legs get so slow!!! Hustle girl! So, in the pushing myself to go faster and pick up the pace, I did not pay attention to my breathing and ended up with a side stitch in the first mile.

End result, I finished it out. I felt hot, but not totally exhausted or worn out. When I got home I thought I would grab a bite to eat and get working on the 1,000 challenge. I got as far as 100 squats completed and never got back to the rest of the exercises. I will go for it again tonight.

This morning I decided not to get up and do morning exercises, I believe I have been over training and pushing myself too hard. Here is my plan for this girl, nicknamed 'Tuffy', rest, relax, have a nice bike ride, enjoy a great run, finish your first duathlon.

Monday: 1,000 challenge & yoga before bed
Tuesday: 8 mile bike/3.1 mile run brick
Wednesday: Crossfit Challenge & TRX, walk
Thursday: Jumprope & core workout
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Duathlon (.6run/15 ride/3.1 run)
Sunday: Travel home with my medal

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "I dont think you will have ever have looked back and wish you had lived less and trained more "!

    A good friend told me this recently when I was complaining of not getting my trianing in for a marathon in Oct. I totally feel this is true . I train the best that I can . I will always finish an event,, it may not be in the top 3,, but I will finish,, and finish strong ! I love to train,, but I love to live Life as well ! emoticon
    3334 days ago
    All the very, very best Carolyn!
    3336 days ago
    3337 days ago
  • TWALKER0475
    I think you're probably not as ill-prepared as you fear...I don't know if the transition from bike to run ever feels unclunky, no matter how many bricks you do! You're more than capable of handling the distance in each leg of the race, and you have the endurance to keep going for the time period that the entire race will demand...you're gonna do great! It's your first duathlon, so no matter what it's a PR. emoticon
    3337 days ago
  • JLITT62
    If you're getting sick a lot, it definitely sounds like you're overtraining. Your body is trying to tell you something!

    You know what? Every race can't be a PR. Every race won't be amazing. But YOU are amazing, and I think the adrenaline of race day will carry it along. If not, you have learned something & that's never a bad thing.
    3338 days ago
    I have no doubt that you will give your all in this race. You may not like your posted time but you can always improve on it down the road. Just enjoy the experience and remember that not too long ago you didn't even dream that you would be capable of completing such a thing as a duathlon.
    3338 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    I'm sure that you're better prepared than you think but maybe not as prepared as you would like to be! Good luck!
    3338 days ago
    I don't know whether you are taking a multivitamin or not, but if not, try taking one every day. If you are feeling run down, or like you might be coming down with something, get yourself some Airborne. Best. Stuff. Ever. I almost never get sick. And I used to work with the public every day with no sick days available.

    Just an idea . . .
    3338 days ago
    Sounds like you have a plan!

    3338 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8710944
    I know you you will rock it. Mind over matter and put it in the hands of God . Your strong, you can do it. Keep the positive attitude and picture yourself with strong confidence it will be yours ! emoticon
    3338 days ago
    "Sunday: Travel home with my medal " LOVE this positive attitude!! You ROCK Carolyn. Always!
    3338 days ago
    Love an honest woman, go get 'em tiger !
    3338 days ago
    Enjoy your workouts this week and have a blast at the race. You've done what you've done and you're going to do just fine. The number of brick workouts might not be what you were looking for, but you're going to be so much more prepared then some. Keep your good attitude. Don't doubt yourself, but most of all, have a blast. That's what racing is about anyway. Enjoying yourself while doing stuff you love.

    Wishing you a great week and a super race.
    Looking forward to your race report!
    3338 days ago
    SMART!! Is what you are!!! You are gonna do awesome!
    3338 days ago
    You sound ready to me! Good luck! I can't wait to read your race report.
    3338 days ago
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