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Trip Into Onderland . . . Reprint to ReSpark!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I promise you, the hardest pound to lose is the one closest to your goal!!! I’ve been inching my way toward this same goal for a month. I started the month of January at 208.8. In the past I have been able to lost 8 – 10 pounds every month. So, I thought with a little extra effort, I will slide right into Onederland by the end of the month. With excitement and anticipation I joined Spark Your Body Boot Camp and The Biggest Loser Challenge with the hopes of not only reaching my goal, but exceeding it!
Armed with my ‘Get ‘er Done’ all or nothing attitude, I tackled the tasks at hand. Little did I realize that my metabolism heard the sounding alarm as an assault and went on weight loss lock down. By the second week of January, the scale was moving, in the wrong direction. This is where I had to sit down and look at what I was doing, what I was eating, what my goals were and to realize that I had become a little obsessive about my exercise habits. I was getting up early to get in the Boot Camp video before work, going home at lunch time and repeating it, working out after work for 60 – 90 minutes each day. I had given up my rest day and increased my running miles. Long term, that is not sustainable for me. I don’t want to be an ‘exerciser’ , I want to be a happy healthy woman with balance. In all this frenzy of activity, I also did not pay attention to my calorie intake and nutrition as I should have. I was not eating enough calories and once I really looked at my nutrition, there was not one day in a month that I didn’t fall way below in calcium, potassium and magnesium. Look up those nutrients. Look at how important they are for muscle contraction and strength, blood pressure control and how a diet low in these nutrients leads to fatigue. Lesson learned.
Since I changed my diet and approach, I am again slowly, but consistently losing pounds. This last pound to Onderland is the hardest I’ve ever worked for. I’ve seen 202.4, 202.0, 201.9, 200.9, 200.8 and this morning 200.4. I’m right on the ‘outskirts’ of town. I have my eye on a lovely little piece of real estate just on the other side of the track. But it will not come easily, and I don’t want it to. Yep, you read that right, I don’t want it to come too easily. I want to have made the necessary investment, laid the ground work and fully OWN it! I’m not renting space in ONEderland, I’m not borrowing to get it temporarily. I want it to be mine to enjoy and celebrate. I will throw a little house warming party when I get there and invite you to the celebration!
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