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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Well, I finally did it folks! I gave my notice at work and am ready to take the next step towards my goals. I say goals plural, because I have several that I am passionate about, but all are in the area of getting as fit and as strong as I can and taking as many others along with me on the ride as possible.

I have had this growing burning passion for a long time, but it was never the right time . . . now it's my time. I have done a lot of learning and growing over the past two years . . .BTW, coming up on my two year Spark Anniversary!!!! I have had some amazing mentors, teachers and friends along the way and will be blogging in the weeks leading up to my anniversary about the top 10 - 20 people on Spark who have influenced me greatly and helped me take things to the next level.

Having lost over 100 lbs. has opened up new opportunities and possibilities for me and given me a larger platform to stand on as I endeavor to help others learn to be their strongest and healthiest self. I have started doing some public speaking and sharing my testimony. This is very rewarding for me and I have had the immense pleasure of meeting people for the first time who started their weightloss journey because of my story. That is humbling and honoring beyond what I could possibly express in words. It makes my heart swell and my eyes mist up.

Those of you who know me, even a little, know that I am a fireball of energy and can bounce all over the place. I have a million ideas and almost enough energy to do them all! Although I am VERY focused in my workout schedules and my food prep . . . I am not so good about follow through on all the projects I start. I do not like this about myself, but have learned to embrace that as a truth about me. My intentions are good and my motives are good . . . I simply forget anything that is not right in front of me all the time. My mother in law used to jokingly say that I would forget to feed my kids if they didn't cry when they were hungry. . . because I killed every plant I ever had!!! You can ask my husband about that one . . he is currently nursing a plant back to health for me! I tried to kill it, I really did! LOL! I love that plant, it was a gift from a student when I taught pre-school 5 years ago.

So, here I am full of ideas and energy and yet paralyzed at times, not knowing what to do next. I just happen to have had a client, who became a friend, who is very organized and on task. We have developed a great working relationship that is beneficial to both of us. She works as my manager. She keeps me focused and pointed in the right direction. We have regular meetings and she hands me a folder with a check list of business related things I need to check off before we meet again. Things like naming my business and getting it listed as an LLC. Opening a checking account. Getting insurance, etc. It may sound like basic stuff to you, but it can be overwhelming to me. I am just the go girl! Push go and throttle up! That's me.

What I love most about Trina, is that she is a great behind the scenes girl. I am high maintenance and can be a bit of a diva (I know you are shocked by this). Trina never tries to upstage me in guiding me. . . she has her area of expertise and I have mine. She never asks for credit or demands attention. Just as she gives me a list of things to accomplish, I give her lists of things that I need her to do for me . . . check prices, make reservations, make spreadsheets, etc. We have a total respect for where ones responsibilities end and where the others begin. Her doing her job well, frees me up to do mine well.

Some opportunities are opening up for FabFit to minister to my immediate community. I will be teaching a 5 hour long workshop in October. In the workshop we will focus on Whole & Healthy Choices as an approach to wellness. I will share my health testimony, give a clean eating demo, prepare and enjoy lunch together, and we will be ending the day with bootcamp style workout and a yoga cool down. I am so excited about this opportunity. Planning the menu, the presentation, the music for the workout . . . what am I going to wear?!!! LOL! I am also looking to forward to the possibility of having Club FabFit as a weekly meeting to discuss different aspects of health and wellness. The emphasis will not be on 'weight loss', it will be on making healthy choices that impact your health and the health of your family in the short term and have long term ramifications. I have a passion for this and the opportunities are there and the need is there.

It feels good. It feels right. It is my time to share the passion in my heart and fulfill my dreams. I have a little piece of paper taped to my computer monitor. It has a message on it from a friend . . . it says "just smile, and let it shine . . . like the disco ball you are". I feel like the sunshine is radiating right out of my heart and I am so very blessed.

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