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Work Like a Warrior!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I am training for a half marathon . . . again! I haven't trained for a running event over the past 10 months. Living in Indiana, I keep my miles short in the winter and opt to workout more like a sprinter doing run intervals on an indoor track and keeping my outdoor miles low. I try to keep a running base of about 8 - 10 miles a week year round. Last year I started upping my miles . . . wait! I've really only been 'running' since Oct. '09 and that was the start of the Couch 2 5K program. January '10 was when I started training for my first half marathon. Wow! I feel like a seasoned runner, but I've really only been through one full year of running! This year I have not ran any events other than a couple 5k's. It was a planned back off from distance events. My son was graduating from college and getting married the next day, so we had made the decision that training for an event on top of our already busy schedule was too much for me. Then I was going to be traveling all summer and training for the duathlon. The day of the duathlon I realized how much I loved training for and participating in 'events'. So, the next day I signed up for the Savannah, Ga Rock 'n Roll Half for November, 2011.

The adrenaline was so high, I immediately laced up my running shoes and headed out on a short run (3 miles). This was supposed to be my rest and recovery day from the duathlon. But when adrenaline is high, it is hard to hold back. Entering the second mile, I check my pace, not bad, but about 20 seconds off my usual pace. Then I get a moment of panic! Do I even have enough time to properly prepare for a half marathon in November?!!! I pick up the pace so I can finish out to get home and check my calendar. I start at race day, count back my long runs, chart my training progression. I can do it, a little more aggressive than I usually would approach an event having not ran an event or distance of more than four miles in over 10 mths.

On Wednesday I hit the road for a 4 mile run . . . I told myself I only had to push to four . . . after four I could walk it in. Approaching four my calf muscles were feeling the hills I had just ran and a little fatigued from me pushing so hard (I'm used to running sprints, I start out too fast). As soon as my garmin beeps 4 miles, I take it to a walk. It's better, to me, to walk in a mile than to risk pulling a calf muscle again.

Today I went out on my long slow run of five miles. Again, I went out too fast, a good 2 minutes faster than my usual race pace and 2 1/2 minutes faster than my usual LSD pace. At the start of mile three I pull it back. Miles 3 and 4 were way off pace and I was feeling the hills. Then something happened in the last half mile. . . I forgot about this . . . I hit my stride in the last 1/2 mile. My whole body felt relaxed and just flowed through the motions. I check my pace, I'm back!

Carie (HotLikeHubby), my marathon partner from last year, reminded me that in training last year miles 5-7 were my 'glory' miles as she called them. I don't know how it happens, why it happens or how to make it happen . . . it just does and I cannot throttle it back when it happens!

My training has changed significantly this summer. Some because of travel, some because of training goals and some because when the sun is shining it is just too hard for me to make myself go inside a gym. I love my TRX and I love Crossfit workouts. The military style bodyweight workout have really toned and strengthened my body and the running intervals and shorter miles helped to lean me out over the summer. Then adding in all the hiking and biking I was doing, I actually dropped a little lower than I like, for me.

So, I have been working out in my garage and loving it!!! Jumping rope, push ups, sit ups, walking lunges, jump squats, jumping jacks and my TRX. Throw in a couple runs a week and a couple hundred kettlebell swings and I am a happy girl.

After one of my toughest crossfit bodyweight workouts. This one was called Ivan the Terrible . . . meets Carolyn the Fierce! LOL!!! I'm channeling my inner Xena Warrior Princess! I wrote a motivational phrase to put in my garage, it says "A lady glistens, a woman glows . . . a warrior let's the sweat roll". That's my new workout mantra!

I created a little workout space in my garage to serve as my at home 'gym'. On my last day at work, I will have to hand in my keys and my I.D. that gives me free gym use and access to the indoor track. I do have another gym membership, but it is 25 minutes away and I only go three times a week for heavy lifting. I guess I will be going there to use the treadmill this winter as I have a half marathon in D.C. scheduled for March, 2012.

For now, it will be running, biking, crossfit and TRX . . . let the warrior training begin!

Putting to use this pink pegboard carousel from back in my preschool teaching days, to serve as my equipment station. It works great!

It has wheels on the bottom, so I can pull it out, turn it around, move it out of the way. I used a different side for each of my interests. There is a side for my cycling equipment, one for yoga mats, blocks and straps, and another for my TRX, gymboss, jumprope and kettlebell.

It is perfect! I only have about 4 ft. of wall space to store it and use the middle of the garage floor for my workouts . . . yes, it is position between trashcans and some music amps we are storing for our son.

A wall for inspiration and my medals from last running season. I can't wait to add to this collection!

I guess it's kinda humorous that someone who loves pink as much as I do also loves to workout and sweat like a warrior. I don't look very tough! But don't let looks deceive you!

Be Brave . Be Bold . Be Fierce . Be Fabulous!
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