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Saturday, August 27, 2011

It has been an amazingly busy week. My time of employment as a secretary is winding down and my time as personal trainer is revving up. This has meant an extremely tight schedule for me. When stress is high and time is tight, I feel paralyzed. The creativity, passion and energy get totally zapped. Being in this paralyzed state has been messing with my head . . . as I really enjoy teaching yoga and fitness related classes, but stress is not the ideal condition for me to be teaching under . . . hmmmmm, thinking now that it has been three months since I taught yoga on a regular basis may be what is adding to the difficulty I have had in focusing and feeling balanced. Must put yoga on my calendar this week! Maybe right now!! If not now, then definitely will be the way I wake up in the morning.

One of the things that has helped me get my workouts in during this busy time is that I have been doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Tabata, Crossfit and TRX at home in my garage. This saves me travel time and the workouts are short.

What I like about these types of workouts is that you are only competing against yourself to be your best. I time my workout or count my reps in a given time and the next time I try to do better. It's fun to see how my level of fitness, strength and speed improve weekly. We had a little challenge on FabFit this week. I went into the challenge just wanting to do my best and see what I could do if I really pushed myself.

The challenge was 5 rounds of 50 Jumping Jacks and 50 Mountain Climbers for time. I ended up going to the gym to do this workout, as the window replacement guys showed up at 7:30 a.m. and took over my house. I kinda gotta use the girls room before I can jump or jack! LOL!!

When I get to the gym I start out by jogging from one end of the gym to the other a couple of times and bouncing in place like a boxer to warm up and loosen up. Then I went into the Zumba room for some privacy. I am glad I did!!! It was not pretty!!! First set of speed jacks was a breeze, mountain climbers great! Second set still smiling! Maybe too much smiling! Third round, I started sucking wind, glanced at my time and realized I need to push it!!! Fourth round I had to take a knee and pause twice during my mountain climbers. Before I could start the final round I walked a few steps to stretch out my hip flexor area and promised myself there would be no pause in the last set. Well, my legs were not in on that deal. Finished up my 50 speed jacks. Mountain climbers 17 - 18 - no pausing girl 19 - push to 25 and pause in formation if you have to - 20 . . . total muscle failure. Don't regret that you didn't do your best, push, pain is temporary (I was not in pain, just total muscle failure). Come on finish it out, no pause, 21 - 22 - 23 -24 - failure. This continued to the count of 47 and I seriously did not know how I'm getting up to do those last three, but I will not fall 3 reps short of any challenge. What would I say to one of my team members?! What would they say to me?! Get it girl! Glory is just three reps away! 48 - 49 - 50!

I went into this estimating that it would take me anywhere from 8 - 12 minutes to complete. My time was 10:18. I want to do it again next week and try to shave one minute off. Even though I had total muscle failure in the mountain climbers and I felt I gave my all. I was able to walk it off in just a few minutes and then do three sets of weighted hack squats, leg curls, hip adduction and abduction and rounded out the sets with a couple nice sun salutations.

That was yesterday! Friday. My scheduled rest day. Because today was my long run day! I was feeling a little tender when I woke up, but otherwise fine. In mile five I was really feeling those tender hip flexors and in mile six I thought I might cry, I was totally fatigued, I could feel my body like it was pushing through molasses. I look down at my wrist, this time I could care less what the garmin says, I'm looking at my team bracelet. Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Fierce. Be Fabulous. I feel the encouragement and support of my team. Come on baby, you can do this . . . man that was the longest .2 of a mile . . .beep garmin! beep!! That was a hard 6 miles. I will repeat that distance next week before progressing and I will do a better job of fueling properly and resting adequately.

I have another challenge this week and it is perfect timing!!! I will be 'competing' with the other leaders of FabFit to be my best every day. We will track our water intake and our exercise minutes for the week. All win, when they bring their best every day! In addition, I will be focusing on tightening up my diet a little. I have been eating clean, just not paying attention to make sure I get all my meals in and a bit too heavy in fruits and nuts and not enough veggies.

I'm ready for a fabulous week, how about you?
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