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Day 240: Early 'n' All

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time getting away from me as it does (you already know this about me, doncha?) I thought I might try a two-birds-one-stone approach today.

I don't often get a chance to respond to comments on blogs - I used to be pretty good about it, but what with that time factor and so on, I don't get a round tuit. (ONEKIDSMOM: I'm working on it, lol--!)

To bridge the gap and address some things that've come up over the last few days, let's indulge in a little 'cross talk' of sorts.

LECATES: It's 'the end of August Bank Holiday.' You know May Day is an official Bank Holiday here - that is, the first Monday in May. Some people say it's connected to the old pagan celebrations for May Day as a harbinger of spring. And some 'holidays' are exactly that - tied to traditional Holy Days. I couldn't find anything especially noteworthy for the end of August, but... eh. They don't do Labor Day here, so I guess this takes its place--?

MS.ELENI: Yes! Yes!! I am totally lost without my computer. Even with backing things up and so on, it's especially bad when the internet isn't working. I even have my calendars on the computer. I'm gonna have to go back to recording appointments and birthdays the old-fashioned way, with pencil and paper.

CANBDONE: Yepper, Himself is my beloved husband. Though sometimes I think I give him cause to wonder just how 'beloved'--!

COOKME123: Oohh, you really got that right, girlfriend. Add to the mix my lack of patience, and it's a situation fraught with potential explosions. Not long ago my aunt said that her great-grandmother (I told you we're a long-lived bunch) said near the end of her life that she was glad she had finally been able to learn self-control for her temper. Wish she'd imparted the secret before she left this earth.

LEANJEAN6: I know (and often quote) the saying about 'Don't sweat the small stuff,' but the flip side of that is just what you said - 'It's the small stuff in life that is powerful.' Ain't it just!

Re The Blog Of S--t: Yes, you'd think I'd have lost weight doing all that, wouldn't you, especially as I have started a new power-walking program (though I've started off r-e-a-l-l-y slowly) and I haven't changed my eating habits / portions. As of Thursday I'd lost one-tenth of a kilogram - one-tenth! That's like 3-1/3 ounces! And today it's back, so I'm still right where I was.

Those of you with keen senses of smell (as I have) may know the old Vix trick. I had to resort to it frequently when the kids were sick and didn't make it to the bathroom.

'Oh' said my mother 'It'll be different when you have kids. You won't mind it so much then.' Hah. Which goes to show you, mothers aren't always right.

Back to the garden - it has occurred to me from time to time that I wouldn't mind having an herb garden, a real outdoor one, not just a couple plant-pots on the windowsill. But it's not a dream, not something I'm passionate about or driven to do, especially here where we just don't get enough sunlight onto any one patch of the lawn.

I think there may be some farms or cottage industries around that grow a good variety of herbs, so I might check into that. Another thing to add to my list of projects - I'll put it with the round tuit, lol...

With that, I'm outta here. The server people say they are going to run some kind of test from their end and see if they can diagnose the connection problem, and I think we'll be disconnected while they do, so it's another early goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome blog...love the cross conversations....lool...
    Way to go
    3477 days ago
    Hope you get to try a little shade garden patch. There are quite a few veggies that will do fine with just mottled sun. I guess the important thing is that you, the gardener, enjoys and benefits from the mottled sun, veggies or not!
    3477 days ago
    Hope you get your internet fixed. What a pain sometimes
    3478 days ago
    As if the internet gods were looking to expand, I got hit with connection issues myself today. Sigh. Hope they get yours fixed for good!
    3478 days ago
    I believe plants, herbs specifically, make us feel better by tending them. Touching feathery leaves, smelling their vibrant or delicate aromas, seeing beautiful flowers bloom on the oddest of stalks... well I think everyone should grow some! And the uses... ahhh, you know me, always thinking of the kitchen!
    3478 days ago
    Well my girl ----- It is the small stuff which makles us unique---Hopefully they can fix yer connection---great blog in spite of all the strange weather everywhere--I still think yer blog about the smelly fish pond takes the cake! I could almost smell the awful odour--HA Ha----So, onward here with the Sunday stuff----maybe a wee walk is in order---Lynda from a windy coolish northland! emoticon
    3478 days ago
    There's more than one way to skin a cat...hope your glitches are worked out soon!
    3478 days ago
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