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Stealth Diva Warrior

Monday, August 29, 2011

Shhhhhhhh! I'm on a secret mission this week. I have been challenged by three other leaders from FabFit team! I can't let them know my plans to truly trounce their tails!!! The challenge started this morning and will run until 5 pm on Friday. We track our water consumption and our activity minutes for the week.

I can't let them know my daily intake. I don't know what theirs is. The object is for each of us to do our very best every single day in a healthy way. No extremes. Healthy, balanced, active, whole and happy. Exhaustion is not winning. Over training is not winning. Having a plan and sticking to it is winning. Wisely selecting a balanced set of daily activities is winning. Using this opportunity to move to the next level is winning.

Since I wanted to optimize this opportunity and will be demanding a lot from my body. I had to make sure my nutrition was in line for this week. Which had me back in the kitchen doing my batch cooking. I had gotten out of that routine with so much travel over the summer. I was never in one place for more than a couple days. Even though I continued to eat clean, I was not as tight on my nutrition as I know I should be.

The other team leaders and I are not so much 'in competition' with each other, we are excited for the opportunity to push each other to be our best and to egg each other on with a little banter. It makes me grin from ear to ear to hear Bekah or Janell 'call me out' or to watch them strut their stuff. Carla rocks my world with her generous heart for others . . . I truly don't think she has a competitive bone in her body, she is all heart.

In the past couple weeks, my stress levels and distraction have been at an all time high. I truly felt like I had a total sensory overload and might explode. My sweety made me, forced me, to lay down everything I was working on and spend some time alone. . . in my lawn chair, taking a rest. . . no studying, no writing, no computer, no phone. I think it was the first time I had exhaled in weeks! During that rest I realized . . . it has been months since I taught yoga or did yoga on a regular basis. I miss it. My body misses it. . . how is it I've been away from the mat this long?

So, I started a thirty day 'challenge' for myself and made it an event on Facebook called 30 Days on the Mat. I plan to start the day each day for 30 days with a minimum of 3 sun salutations. I will do a longer practice on the days that time allows. Yoga is such a discipline for me. I am an 'in motion' kinda girl! I do not like stationary anything! Go! Go somewhere! Do! Do something! When I step on the mat, the first three breaths feel soooooo good and calm my mind. . . but almost immediately my mind starts looking for ways to escape the mat and pull me away. I have to keep calming my nervous system, reminding myself it is okay to stay right here, right now and just be anxious if you must. After twenty minutes the anxious releases and the surrender begins.

In these moments on the mat, great things are revealed to and the time off the mat becomes less anxious and the vision of my hopes and dreams become clearer. I am looking forward to what all this week will reveal as I focus on the disciplines of water intake, activity minutes, nutrition and my time on the mat . . . usually during such times of focus great strongholds are crumbled, barriers are diminished and great things are revealed.

I am blessed to have powerful woman of faith and great love of others surrounding me. I am proud to link arms with them as we challenge ourselves and each other to be our best daily.

Stealth Diva Warrior, team B.O.L.D (Be Outstanding Leaders Daily)

Go FabFit!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post

    nd Beautiful!!!!!

    emoticon Kelli
    3311 days ago
    3317 days ago
  • NEWME0519
    I love it, Stealth Diva!
    3317 days ago
    I miss yoga so much too....I just want to fit it into my schedule somewhere...hmmmm, maybe a few sun salutations first thing after I hop off the bed to the shower to prepare for work. Hmmmmm, maybe just maybe that might help me clear my mind a bit for the stresses of each work day.

    Thank you for being the awesome, fabulous and BOLD leader and friend that you are!

    Love you!
    3318 days ago
    does Yoga count as fitness minutes?
    3318 days ago
  • JLITT62
    Love that photo! It would make a great profile pic.

    I had a short, daily yoga practice that I had gotten away from over the winter but got back to recently . . . makes such a difference!

    Good luck on your challenge.
    3318 days ago
  • TEMPEST272002
    I love your sense of humour & perspective on life. Go get'em Stealth Diva!
    3318 days ago
    What a great blog! I love how we are pushing each other to do our best! This Fabulous Pink Lightening Diva was up an hour earlier this morning to get some fitness minutes and has her water bottled filled and ready to go :-)

    I haven't batch cooked in a couple of weeks, but that is on the agenda for after this busy week. I went last night and got all the ingredients for the pumpkin protein bars and am going to start with them.

    Have an awesome day and enjoy your 30 days of yoga.
    3318 days ago
    Love this Carolyn and I have discovered through you a love for the softer side of yoga! It is nice to wake up and hit the mat before the world starts spinning for the day!

    As far as the challenge! You got this girl!! Go BOLD!!!! YOu will rock this challenge!!

    (Love your Brave, Fierce and Fabulous!)
    3318 days ago
    Awesome girl!!!!

    3318 days ago
    Hmmmmmm, we Braves are gonna sneak up on ya! Hehehe!! I am so happy to be doing more yoga as I love it! Totally helps my muscle strength and balance!
    3318 days ago
    I've gotten so out of the habit of doing Yoga. I LOVE your idea of at least 3 sun salutations each morning. Something so easy to do and can be done, literally, the moment you get out of bed. I like the anti-procrastination mechanism in that. Sometimes getting my shoes on is the hardest part of exercise. If I start the day with sun, before even putting on shoes, then I've got a jump on the day. Yep, really like that idea. Good luck on the challenge :).
    3318 days ago
    Sometimes less is MORE.
    3318 days ago
    Well, heck! I thought maybe you'd be revealing some of your winning secrets so I could get one up on you! Juuuust kidding, sorta. ;)Can't think of a greater group of leaders to go up against.

    Yoga rocks and what a perfect compliment to the hardcore strength training workouts we do. My whole body feels fresher from the inside out after a session.

    Lets keep doing our thing! Your fellow leader of team FIERCE WARRIORS!
    3318 days ago
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