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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm sitting here trying to write a blog but my mind seems numb after once again waking up at 3:30. It's really not so bad, since my alarm normally goes off at 4 anyway, but my "normal" is to have to drag myself from the sleep of the dead to get up and push that off button while really wanting to slam it with a sledge hammer!! Some may think this means that I have more energy now.............oh it could not be further from the truth!!! Sunday night I could NOT sleep, so when I woke up early yesterday morning, it was after only 3 1/2 hours of sleep. All I could think was how the heck was I gonna make it thru the day? So let me take you through a little recap of my crazy Monday yesterday:

I sat here trying to keep my eyes open while downing a huge cup of coffee and reading through posts about others doing C25K. This is my normal (except the numb brain part) on mornings before one of my C25K workouts. It helps get me motivated and I really needed that yesterday. My 2 previous workouts had been totally failed attempts at W7D3 where I just could not make the 25 minutes of jogging. At 4:45 I left the house to get moving and, somehow, yesterday managed to be my best run EVER!!!! I got to the track and walked a little over a lap, then headed out of a side gate to hit the streets in my small town. I no longer use the app on my phone to time my runs, I warm up for so many minutes and then just take off. After 10 minutes of walking, I decided I couldn't put it off any longer. I just jogged up and down streets, around some blocks, down mainstreet and back, then headed back towards the track. I hit 20 minutes and knew I would make it to 25. At that point I knew I could make it 28 minutes and be able to call it a W8 workout. Did I stop then? Oh no, I went a few more minutes for a total of 30 minutes which put me almost back to the track where I walked a cool down lap, did some much needed stretching and headed back home. I think I was finally awake at this point :) So, freshly showered, I arrived at work for another day of walking, walking and more walking. It was a good, productive day and I think things are finally starting to slow down a little. I'm getting a good feel for the school, the teachers and the staff there and still love my new building, especially some of the technology issues involved. I stayed a little late to help my level 2 tear apart a friend's laptop and get the monitor working again. This put me home just in time to change clothes, jump on my bike and ride back into town (a little over 4 miles) to attend boot camp. I'm still not real impressed with the instructor but she gave us a good workout and the sweat was running!! My ride back home was against the wind, so while it was a pretty short ride, I could definitely feel the muscles that had just been worked in boot camp. I got home about 8:00, read some blogs posted by my amazing sparkfriends, and then crawled into bed about 9 thinking I would have no trouble sleeping. Ha!!! It still took over an hour, but much better than the night before. I guess 5 hours is better than 3 1/2, right?

All that rambling brings us to now, 4:36 showing on my much hated clock, which means it's time to get ready to head to the track again. A nice walk this morning to loosen things up a little. So I better get moving.

Have a great day friends!!!!
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