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It's About Time

Saturday, September 03, 2011

This week on FabFit, we had a leaders challenge. In my last blog I talked about being a Stealth Warrior as I was unable to talk to others about my workouts, how many minutes of fitness I was getting or ounces of water I was consuming each day.

On Sunday I made my workout plan and set a goal for 3 hrs. of activity a day. I know, that is a lot. But I am not new to fitness and I listen to my body very well. I knew I could not do the crossfit style workouts that I usually do, they are short, fast and intense. I also knew that I could not exercise for exercise sake. I am not an exerciser . . . I am active and like to do things. I would not sit on an exercise bike or an elliptical for any length of time to log any amount of minutes just to say I did it. That's not me. So, what is an athlete to do (yes, I am an athlete) to keep from exhausting and burning out?

Here was my typical day. I started each morning with 40 - 60 minutes of yoga. During my lunch hour instead of sitting on a park bench and reading, to put on my tennis shoes and walked while studying flashcards. After work I hit the gym for some weight lifting. After the gym I would play a little basketball in the drive way while my dinner was cooking.

Each morning I put on my ironman watch . . . pressed the start button on the timer the moment I started yoga, stopped it when I was done. I kept the watch on throughout the day, starting and stopping it. If I was on a bike ride and stopped, I stopped the watch. If I was in the gym and had to wait for equipment, I stopped the watch. Otherwise, I was on the clock all day every day this week. My mission was to be my best, do what I could, and find opportunities to be more active and make it count.

Here are my journals for the first four days:

I reported my activity minutes and ounces of water to Trina at the end of each day, and sometimes would have to amend the water numbers as I would get really thirsty right before bed time and need to drink another 8 - 12 oz. I did not round up my activities minutes, if anything I rounded down. On a day that I did 197.17, I reported 180. My goal wasn't to win, it was to be my best. Keeping the numbers was interesting and I learned that there are more opportunities in a day to do something positive than I was using to their potential. Does this mean I will continue with this level of activity . . . no, I will not.

Have a water goal each day really helped. The first two days it seemed like I was always drinking or always in the bathroom. After that, my body started craving water like crazy! I would have over 180 oz of water (I was also being very active in 90 degree heat) and I would want more. My throat would feel parched like I was dehydrated. I was no longer 'forcing fluids', I was feeding the need.

On Friday, well, I am not going to say I was as sensible about my activity on this day and do not hold this up as an example for anyone other than maniacs. I started the morning with yoga. Loaded up my bike and went to the bike trails. I stopped at the grocery store to grab some lunch and snacks for the ride.

Made myself a taste salad from the fresh variety available. I sometimes use cottage cheese as the 'dressing'. This salad was crisp romaine lettuce, spinach, chopped boiled eggs, tomato, sunflower seeds, alfalfa sprouts, green onions. Very tasty and hit the spot.

A little snack to put in my bike pack. It was a very hot and humid day yesterday and I needed a couple hours on the trail to make up for the 40 minutes I had missed out on the night before (due to another blessing I will share in another blog).

Corn on the cob and tuna just in case I need a refuel after the ride.

I hit the bike trail, clicked on the timer and rode for two hours. I would have rode longer, but I was sunburned and out of water. Back to the car. Grabbed a new water bottle and my snack and started walking the trail while I polished off my snack and another bottle of water. I would have walked longer, but my water bottle was empty again.

Back at the house, I had planned to play a little basketball, but the heat and the sun were getting to me. I flicked on the fan in the garage and hooked up the TRX (suspension training system . . google it). I did the delt and ab workout I was scheduled to have done on Thursday night. At this point I could have stopped. I had met my minutes goal for the day. I looked at the clock. One hour and twenty minutes left in the challenge. This is were the competitor in my kicked in and said "push it, you can do this".

Here is what I did a combination of for the next 80 minutes: worked on my volleyball serve, bump and spike against the garage wall. Soccer ball bounce on high knees. Zumba to my favorite songs. Ended with sun salutations.

There were times in the last 40 minutes that I was simply tired and drained. I glanced over at my runners wall of medals and my pictures of track stars I admired and reminded myself . . . you have ran a marathon, this is nothing compared to running 26.2 miles. Suck it up buttercup! You have plans! You have goals! I want to look and feel my very best when I meet up with Allison and some of my friends at the Arnold Sports Festival in March. I want Tosca to see a healthier more fit me every time she sees me. I want to see and feel a healthier level of e every day!

I finish up the time. Without realizing it, I have exceeded the time. My husband comes to the garage, I am still on the yoga mat. He says, "It's past 5 o'clock" I said "I know, I clicked off the watch at 5, I just need to finish out this set".

Later that night, after a soak in the tub and nice dinner. I remembered that I had put in my journal a goal for this week was to do Bakasana (crow pose). I have been looking at it, wanting to 'give it a try', but afraid of failing and feeling weak. When I remembered this goal, I went to the middle of the floor, still wearing my dress and heels from dinner, crouched down, took a few practice tries to find my center of balance and tipped over into Bakasana. I was only able to hold it for a few breaths, but there I was, no fear . . . the doubt is gone and now I can move forward.

It is about time!

edited to include my minutes and ounces:
852 fitness minutes
848 ounces of water

I did have the highest numbers, but everyone won who pushed themselves to do their best. I have to say, though I am proud of myself for doing my best, I far prefer celebrating the accomplishments of others and pushing others to do their best. This week I had a phenomenal time with the other leaders, taunting and bantering back and forth in a good sportsmanship kinda way. . . today . . . I miss the feeling of team effort. Back to team challenges!
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