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I better just go to bed before anything else happens!!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

This is one of those days that just needs to end.......now!!! Every little thing that could go wrong at work today did, including losing my phone (which I found about 3 hours later) and misplacing my favorite coffee cup (which is still MIA). After I got my phone back there was a text on it from my daughter saying we had no water at home.......just great!!! Sure enough, no water and really no explanation for it. The breaker is on, the pressure tank is holding pressure, the pump was trying to kick on (so hopefully it's still good) and there is water down at the bottom of the pipe. Sounds to me like it should all be working but it's not!! Someone should be out here tomorrow to look at it since I wasn't able to pull the pump up by myself to get a better look.

So, feeling frustrated I decided to get in a short workout. I took it outside to do somewhat of a circuit workout. I rotated between jumping rope, planks, twist crunches, sit-ups and a bicycle movement with my legs up in the air. I'd worked my upper body and legs last night so decided that tonight was abs. After that it was so nice I decided to end it with a relaxing walk in which all 3 of our Jack Russells came with. Well, let's just say that 2 of them saw the 3 skunks out in the field just about the same time as I did. These 2 have a love/hate relationship with skunks. They love to kill them but they will hate spending the night outside. Even if I wanted to give them bathes I couldn't..........still no water!!! When I got home I could already smell skunk in my house since I had my windows open with this great weather. So much for that tonight :(

There's only one bright spot in all this. For the last 3 weeks, ever since Kim started back up with night classes, I've been missing my workout buddy. So the plan for tomorrow is to go running with her, then shower and get ready for work at the house where she's house-sitting in town.

It is definitely time to just go to bed before anything else happens. Nite all!!!
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