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AND, the winners ARE (drum roll) . . .

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our FabFit team had a photo challenge! And boy did I get some amazing pictures for the challenge. They did not know this when they turned in their photos, BUT, the pictures are being used to make a calendar!!!! So, there are twelve winning photos.

In no particular order at this time, here they are:

Angela L.!!! sorry, I do not remember everyone's spark names, I will try to come back and edit this.

Allison, my garage, crossfit, TRX friend!!! Love it!!

Celeste, overcomer!!!! Man this gives me courage! Love you girl!

Kat & her husband, Shannon!!!! Super strong couple with a great sense of humor!

Carla and her crew at work doing the 100 squat challenge. Love this woman!

Jenn T. and her medal that landed her in the half fanatics!!! and her FabFit bracelet!!!

Trisha with her family and God focused fitness! Love everything about this!

Tiffany T. and her daughter . . . so precious! I wanna enlarge it and put it on my wall!

Angie C. at the park!!! I love a girl who knows how to use a playground!!!

Janell's super creative way to capture everything she loves about what she does! Love it girl!

Angie E. (will be edited to just be her face) because this is the moment that sticks in my mind as your most beautiful accomplishment girl!!! You rock and I love you!

Jane D. the warrior woman!!!! Love every stinking thing about this picture!!!

Congratulations ladies!!!! You did a great job!!!! The calendars will be in the works and ready for Christmas! They will include some of recipes and our mantras from various team members!!! I'm excited!!!!

Be looking for a new challenge for FabFit team members!!! You guys are on a roll!!!

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