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Rough 5K today

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Today was

This was my 2nd of 4 5Ks within 4 weeks. Yes, I think I've gone a little batty. It was a beautiful day but a rough race for me. Where I live there just aren't a lot of hills to run on and now I know I have to find some to train, or at least stop avoiding the few I know about.

After last week's Race 4 the Cure where I was able to run the whole thing I think I got a little too confident for today. I went out way too fast (for me). That and the path that seemed to be all uphill got to me quick. The first mile was mostly uphill and I ended up walking for the last tenth of a mile. The 2nd mile was mostly walking with a few slow jogs and the 3rd mile was walking/jogging with it being mostly jogging. Once I gave in and stopped jogging the first time the pain in my hips made it hard to jog for very long at a stretch.

The end of the race was run through the grass in a park and close to the end there is a steep (but thankfully short) hill back up to the street. There was only one other person there today that I knew. Katy is the nurse at the school where I work, the one who completed the Ironman last year. Of course she finished waaaaaayyyyyy ahead of me and surprised me by being at the top of that last hill taking some pics of me. At this point I thought my hips were going to completely give out on me but when I saw her there taking pics I somehow found the strength to keep going.

Even though I did a lot of walking, I didn't slack off. Here's the stats.
Mile 1 - 13:49
Mile 2 - 15:00
Mile 3 - 13:27
Last .11 - 11:51 mm pace
Total 43:36 for a 14:00 mm pace

Somehow I managed to beat last weeks time despite the hills and the walking. I shave off about 20 to 30 seconds each time, so my goal for next week is to be sub 43. Eventually I'll get down into the 30s!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend :)
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