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I Must Confess. . . . (And Random Questions.)

Monday, October 10, 2011

I cheated this weekend! I have some items that weren't good for me. I had a soda, chips, and ate too much. I felt like a little piggy afterwards and am upset that I lost my self-control. It's just so hard when you are the only one on the diet and everyone around you is eating all the really bad things that you want but know you do not need. I have found a solution. My husband is going to do the diet with me. He isn't happy about it because he doesn't like the tastes of the shakes but he understands that I need his support. I mean we are with each other 24/7. We go to school together and study together. We live up at the school so if he wants to grab lunch and I'm sitting there with my shake and smell his food, it makes me want to cheat even more. The temptation is too great. That will make another thing that is different this time around. Having someone to do it with at home and school. Just until I really get into the diet and through my adjustment period. Does anyone out there know how long it takes to form a habit? I probably need to know that. And when does the diet get easier? Does it ever happen or is it a constant struggle? I scared that I'll quit if it never gets easier. Everyone says that I'm a strong willed person but, I don't think I am because I have such a hard time when it comes to sticking with a diet and even studying. I procrastinate so much and I'm not good at time management. Does yoga really help with stress and anger problems. Someone told me that it would. And what are other exercises that are 30 minutes or less to help me get started exercising? I took the stairs to the 3rd floor to get to one of my classes instead of the elevator and by the time I got to the top I was huffing and puffing. Also is there a way that I can get my stretch marks to fade a little. I know it's probably impossible for them to go away completely but is there something I can rub on the to lighten them? Wow, I am really jumping from subject to subject today. It's probably because I have a lot on my mind. I have 2 tests this week, a really hard test next week, and an extremely hard test the week after that, that I have to make a 90 or higher on! Tips on how to focus and get things done would be helpful. Okay, well, I'll stop rambling and go back to reading my chapters for my CE test tomorrow.
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    Take it one day at a time......walk the stairs or take a walk, one walk at a time.....eat your meals, one meal at a time.

    You will make progress if you stay in the moment.

    Don't punish yourself for past bad acts.....praise yourself for a meal, walk, or job well done
    3421 days ago
    Interesting article


    I liked the part that says "don't do it cold turkey". I treat my overeating as an addiction. There are certain trigger foods that I can't have near me. I obsess over food. I used to plan my day around what I was going to eat. Now, when I start obsessing I divert my attention to something mindless and fun. For me: art journaling, beading, video gaming [hides her head in shame] and reading.

    I really want to add walking to that list but I just can't get the motivation to get off my fat arse.

    I've got a month under my belt and it does get a little easier.

    Stretch marks....oh how I detest them. Don't waste your money on creams or ointments. I've tried them all and they don't work. Over time, they fade a little bit but you'll still notice them.
    3434 days ago
    It's just so hard you know? I've been fighting this weight battle for 7 years and haven't been able to succeed once. I feel so helpless when I'd do something and my mom did the same thing and she lost 10 pounds and I lost none. I've given up so many times and I'm just trying to keep going and trying to find ways that will keep me going. I've had people tell me to remember what it was like to be thin and use that as motivation but I've never been thin my adult life. I haven't been thin since I was in 5th grade which was about 10 or so years ago. I just feel like I'm drowning and can't get to the surface to breath.
    3435 days ago
    When I started in Feb of 2010, I told my self it takes 6 weeks to break a habit so its going to take me 6 weeks to make it a habit, I exchaged the TV and junk food habits for walking. I started out at 2.8 on the treadmil and then was running 3 miles daily about 7 months later. Then the dreaded esercise induced asthma hit, I pouted and complained for serveral months. I think I am finally back into a routine again, I am trying at least, I have lost 40 pounds, and been at a plateau for a while now. Last week I finally seen a drop, which is motivating me again. hang in there chage is possible.
    3435 days ago
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