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Hallowe'en Candy? No Problem!!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Or so I thought.


That's "cheap 'n nasty" chocolate (that's what I tell myself): mini boxes of Smarties, Kitkat, Aero, Coffee Crisp.

We bought a box of 90. Sampled two Coffee Crisp on Sunday with a pot of coffee -- and then I checked the calories count. Eighty calories per bar. Did I mention we each ate two? Sooooo not worth it. Not Lindt 85% cocoa. Not an anti-oxidant in sight. Minimal chocolatiness. Bleech.

Then on Monday night -- Hallowe'en itself, of course --my DH very kindly volunteered to hand 'em out at the door. . . actually \the first time I can remember him doing that. Ever.

So I wasn't tempted. Until I got home from work tonight. Ravenous. Saw the basket still pretty much full on the dining room table.

And. Ate. Two. More. Coffee. Crisp.

Yikes! This will not get my out of middle four territory.

So I asked DH to hide the remains. And not to tell me where he's put them. "Rearrange your environment" says Judith S. Beck . . . which works for me. Almost all of the time.

But it's important not to get overly self-confident. Because that's just an invitation to hubris. I am not impervious to Hallowe'en candy. Clearly I am not.

And: I am very glad I didn't buy the small bags of potato chips. Never ever met a potato chip I didn't love. Coulda chomped my way through all of 'em, every bag, without coming up for air.
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  • NANCY-
    Candy is too great of a temptation so I purchase candy I do not like. That eliminates the temptation. No trick or treating took place here... too dangerous with all the wires and trees down.
    3062 days ago
    Ugh, chocolate chip cookies. It doesn't sound like I'm the only one who suffers a weakness to those. I realize that I can't have one, because then I'll have six or more. Once upon a time, I would say my weakness was pathetic, but it's not. It just is.

    Hubby and I bought some seasonal beers the other day, and after treating myself last night, I had to tell him out loud that I was not having a drink for a couple of days. Just saying it out loud helped with the temptation.
    3066 days ago
    Totally understand. I'm great at leaving the KitKats. It's the Snickers that are my downfall. I must go "rearrange my environment." Actually, I was doing that by eating them, but I can see that's not what she meant! Sigh.
    3068 days ago
    Oh my how I hear you! I've got the same problem, but unlike you, I also have 2 children at home who got WAY more candy and treats than either of them need. And everyday I see it, and they have their little treats and it is DRIVING ME NUTS!

    There, I feel so much better. Thank you. Now, where did I put my carbonated water - aw yes, right by the bowl of chocolate.....

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3068 days ago
    My problem with stuff like that is that once I start the sugar rush opens up a gaping hole inside demanding MOAR.

    So it's definitely a case of not being able to have "just one."

    And yeah, don't get me started on the crunchy salty things either.
    3069 days ago
    Remember, JSB ALSO says "When in doubt throw it out!" You've already "wasted" the money on candy you didn't hand out, why add gaining weight to the equasion?

    I'm with you on the chips, though...I'd probably eat them all before the kids even showed up!!
    3069 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! I am having the same thing here, and wonder why the seven times I walk by the candy and DON'T eat it, doesn't balance the time I do!
    3069 days ago
    Glad DH is assisting - may just want to get rid of the 'evil' bars?
    3070 days ago
  • BLUESKY_321
    I tried asking myself which would make me happier: loosing weight or eating a reese's peanutbutter cup. Turns out loosing weight! Over chocolate? Really? Total non-scale victory!

    HOWEVER, faced with a home-made pumpkin whoopie pie that one of my kiddos brought in to share, I chose the treat - and I'm still not sure it was the wrong choice ... MMMMMMMM! emoticon
    3070 days ago
    Yeah, I totally understand. DH brought home chocolate chip cookies, the soft kind fresh-baked at the deli. I'm helpless in the face of a good choc chip cookie.
    3070 days ago
    I definitely can't trust myself with large quantities of chocolate around. So this year I bought bags of mini lollipops to hand out. They are only 25 cals each & take ages to finish & just aren't as nice as chocolate. So I admit, I've had a few, but its not been as bad as it could be.
    3070 days ago
    Oh I KNOW I would cave in the face of any candy in the house.

    That's why we didn't bother. Haven't bothered for years! I'm hearing rumors from those who deal with trick or treaters that the numbers of those out on their candy hunt are dwindling.

    I give a hearty TWO THUMBS UP to THAT trend! May it ACCELERATE! :-)

    3070 days ago
  • _LINDA
    I am so lucky to be living in apartment, no goodies here, and fortunately, Mom had a huge crowd and she got rid of most of her stuff too, so no temptations there. Kit Kat, Aero and Smarties used to be my huge favorites until I discovered Lindt 90% cocoa chocolate. Now they tast rather bland and I wonder how I ever liked them so much! But I still ate them anyway when they were given to me :P
    Know the feeling about potato chips too, have to be careful letting those things in..
    Good to get them out of sight!
    3070 days ago
  • no profile photo MIRAGE727
    I must clear my house of all the "debris!" That's the really scary stuff of Halloween!
    3070 days ago
    Dang! I hate it when that happens! Toss the stuff out - who needs it?
    3070 days ago
    Good lesson. It is easy to get tricked up by candy. Ours are Milky Way, Three Musketeers, and Butterfingers. Actually, those are the bags that are open. I think he's got two more elsewhere that he never got to.

    I am going to go put them out of sight right now. Good reminder. Thanks.
    3070 days ago
    Oops - outta sight, outta mind, I must be out of my mind. Hopefully the kiddo and his friends will suck it out of here soon!
    3070 days ago
    With me it was the Snickers bars. No self control at all. My husband is taking the left-overs into his office tomorrow. I didn't dare take them into my office.
    3070 days ago
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