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Day 368 - The Ten Commitments

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I am a true believer when it comes to New Year's resolutions. If you don't aim high - if you don't make plans and set goals - you will just wander aimlessly and before you know it, another year will have passed. I set resolutions to give myself some direction.

This year I ended up with ten that I think are doable, but (to greater or lesser degrees) are also challenging. For this year - my Jubilee Year - especially I wanted to have some unique ones; I also wanted to have some 'practical' objectives, to develop good habits, become healthier, and to progress as a person.

These are The Ten Commitments I've come up with:

1) minimum of 10 minutes of exercise daily
2) minimum of 30 minutes of creative writing daily
3) sort computer files and bookmarks (and KEEP them organized!)
4) submit application for British citizenship
5) be able to stop taking prescription medication: in this case, that means concentrate on improving - and stabilizing - my blood pressure
6) sign up for a class, whether noncredit or credit
7) take a 'real' cruise!
8) aim for a BMI in the 'ideal' range*
9) rework my diet / nutrition
10) finish 'my' recipe book

*I need to lose twelve more pounds to get 'there.' It's an indicator, not a finish-line, but it will mean I'm improving my fitness, and that's the really important thing.

And there they are. I reserve the right to adjust, tinker, tweak, add-on, and whatever else I might deem necessary as the year progresses.

Ambitious? I hope so. If they weren't, if they were simple goals, I wouldn't have to think about them, I'd just... DO them.

Doable? I believe so. I cannot say with all certainty 'Yes, of course,' because again, if it were that simple, they wouldn't be resolutions, they would just be part of what I'm doing now, and probably long since achieved.

I'll keep you apprised. Have a good 'un, Sparklers - carpe diem!

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