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Day 370 - Some griping, but eh, such is life...

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

You may recall that in my list of New Year's resolutions, posted yesterday, #9 was 'rework my diet / nutrition.' The intention (yes, the same kind that can be used to pave roads) was to do it sometime this YEAR. Maybe even sometime this MONTH. But I wasn't necessarily planning to do it today, or even tomorrow.

In light of resolution #1 - exercising a minimum of ten minutes daily - I signed up for one of the SP 'challenge teams,' in this case, the Official January Jumpstart Workout Challenge. Well, it's been one thing after another to try to figure it out.

I wanted to start on 'the' first of January, but I registered for it on the 27th because I was worried that with houseguests and everything, I'd forget the day OF the first. So of course the goal-plan doesn't like it that I didn't start on the day I registered, so in turn I'm always missing some of the Action Steps.


Then I was having major problems (this was yesterday, not this morning when SP does its maintenance) getting the fitness tracker to record what I was doing. First it would record each video two or three times on a single day. Then I would remove them and start over. And so on and so forth.

Oh, without a doubt, it's me. I know it's me. I am almost functionally illiterate when it comes to computers, and I have a very low frustration threshold. (Can you tell?)

Now, don't start thinking you can explain to me what I need to do and how I can go about it, 'cause the OJJWC is officially off my radar. And it had nothing to do with the lack of being able to get the fitness tracker to track my fitness: it had to do with the nutrition tracker.

EYE didn't know that adding stuff to the fitness tracker would throw a monkey wrench into the nutrition tracker works.

Way back when, months (year?) ago, I started putting my info into the nutrition tracker. I can't tell you how long I spent - and however many times - tinkering and redoing and adjusting and puttering with it until I had it set with my goals.

Every time I turned around it would just - seemingly on a whim - change my goals. I mean, if I set it for '1350 calories,' everything would be hunky-dory for awhile. After a while, it would tell me I was UNDER my calorie count for the day, and when I'd trace the problem, I'd find the nutrition tracker had changed my calorie count - always upward, always way too high (unfortunately, since Kasey does love to eat).

I'd fiddle with it until I'd get everything recalibrated and reset - like Baby Bear, just right - and a month would go by, and everything was fine, then blammo, it would be telling me my carbs were too high, or my protein was too low, or some demmed thing. Sure enough, I'd investigate and find 'it' had changed the goals and ranges. Again. Hrmphf.

But all that was a while (months? years?) ago, and I've gotten downright complacent about relying on it without feeling I have to double- and triple-check everything. Usually I'm smack in the middle of the ranges for just about everything, with the occasional foray into Over or Under.

Because of the OJJWC I added stuff to the fitness tracker for the first time in ages. Because I added stuff to the fitness tracker the nutrition tracker decided (on its OWN, mind you!) that it needed to reword my daily calorie count and the proportions for carbs / prot / fats. The house that jack built.

So, back to the drawing board and resolution #9 to rework the diet / nutrition goals. I figured even if I didn't end up changing anything (I mean, except for my not losing weight I'm doing okay: blood glucose is stable, weight is stable, I'm not ravenous, I'm getting the right RDA for vitamins and minerals) it never hurts to take another look at percentages and proportions and see what the latest info from the USDA says and so forth.

But I wasn't planning to do it tomorrow. I already HAVE plans for tomorrow. And Friday.


Do I feel as though I've failed with any of my bust-my-buttons resolutions? Nah. Reworking is the nature of the beast. And I'm familiar enough with the exercise videos and what I can (and can't) do to be sure to get my 10 minutes* in each day. I didn't make 'Take a challenge' one of my resolutions, so dropping it is okay, though I dislike not finishing something I've started.

*I know, ten minutes is nothing, really. But compared to what I'm currently doing for fitness - basically zilch - it's a start. Because 2012 is a leap year, just ten minutes a day will add up to 61 hours for the year, and that really IS a big deal for me, the workoutless wonder.

So that's where things stand for The State of the Kasey this evening.

I wasn't going to blog today. I'm feeling as though I'm getting into some kind of OC thing where if I don't, it will bug me. Hence, I kind of started out the day with every intention (another slab for the road) of deliberately NOT blogging, so I could break the now-finished streak and go back to blogging when the spirit moves me. Well, wouldn't you know it? After fussing with the trackers, the spirit moved me.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I joined the January Jump Start workout Challenge and did great the 1st 3 days day 4 came and I got ill, nothing seriious just a good head cold but it left me weak and unable to do the 4th day. I even had to take 2 days off work and now tomorrow will restart the challenge. Hang in there friend ....

    WE CAN DO THIS !!!!
    3345 days ago
    You CAN do this ! Do not give up !! Hugs, Rose
    3348 days ago
    Thanks for remining me to leave that team - I did not even understand the concept and couldnĀ“t get my computer to start that video once I found it so i better leave it instead of having it cluttering my settings...
    3348 days ago
    I think you are doing great. emoticon
    3348 days ago
    OH, Dad Gummit! Just go for a walk! I joined that team as well and haven't had the first inkling to check it out. Never mind. Today was Bookkeeping day and what a nightmare!
    3348 days ago
    See, we were waiting with bated breath---LOL
    3348 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    I noticed that the calories would change on me also. I can't eat the amount of calories it gives me. So I quit logging it on SP and just bought me a trusty notebook to use as my food journal. Sometimes I like going back to the stone ages and doing things manually.
    3349 days ago
    Sorry about your struggles, good luck getting it all worked out.
    3349 days ago
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