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4 Month SparkVersary

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

So it was 4 months ago today that I committed to losing weight and and getting fit. I went through my cupboards and got rid of all the food that represented poor choices, had a plan to limit carbs and dug out the kitchen scales ready to weigh everything that I would eat. I went online to search for calorie content and found Sparkpeople. I'm soooo happy about that!! I was sceptical at first - is it really free? what's the catch? But yes, it is free and there is no catch - I had struck gold, GOLD! I jumped right in and have learned so much.

I set my goals and started to use the trackers. I weighed everything! I needed to get back to basics and educate myself about portion sizes. It worked! By December I could pour the right amount of cereal into a bowl without weighing it - success!! I sometimes still weigh it - to make sure I'm still on track! I still weigh the majority of what I eat and plan to do so for the foreseeable future. I committed to walking daily on the treadmill (minimum of 10 minutes but aim for 30) and added strength exercises to my routine. Once I'd lost a little weight and my fitness had improved I started to use the step that had been collecting dust since the mid nineties, I kept it simple and low impact and only did 10 minutes but it was a milestone, a link to my previous life, a healthy, fitter me and a hint of a new life, a glimpse of what could be. Each week the number on the scale went down, my clothes got looser, I was making progress. Once I had lost 2 stones (28lbs) I planned to start swimming again. I struggled to go straight away but finally mustered the courage and resolve on 20th December and have been twice a week since.

So, four months on I have lost 41 lbs (just one more pound to make it 3 stone), am much, much fitter, sleep better, eat healthily, have more energy and am ready and excited to continue my journey. Thank you Sparkpeople! and all the members and friends that have inspired, motivated and encouraged me so far - I hope I can give back as much as I have received!
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