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Paula Deen Dismay...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Shame on you Paula. Shame, shame on you for not being forthcoming about your health....or lack thereof. You could have used all or even part of that time, in which you withheld the truth of what eating more than a lion's share of butter, sugar, and grease has done to your personal health, as a unique platform to reach out and help inform others who looked at you as "healthy" in spite of the lifestyle. People who were probably grabbing at cheese straws in order to justify living and eating like the picture of only pleasantly plump health you portrayed and propagated. We are all responsible for our own choices and for the gathering/sorting through of information to make those choices informed ones. Each individual is solely responsible for the food they eat, how much they eat, and how it is prepared. In no way am I blaming or placing fault to you. BUT, some people are in such deep denial about what is fact or fiction when it comes to food, that to have seen you on a daily basis for so long, seemingly without any ill effects from the delicious, dripping southern sweets and savorys you concoct....well...I can only imagine it gave them the false hope they needed to continue on the path to certain death...unless drastic change takes place. Again, is that your fault, NO. Again, they are making those choices. Was it reckless and irresponsible to represent yourself as reasonably healthy and unaffected by a daily slathering in a calorie cesspool...to a nation of people where obesity is becoming the norm, where it is becoming more and more common to see a 5 year old child who weighs as much or more as some adults, where weight related illnesses and disabilities are likely going to reach epidemic levels, where the wall of a home must be torn down to allow a sizeable enough opening for an individual to see the light of day...before they can be transported for treatment...or succumb. The answer there, for me in my own mind and opinion, is yes...it was dangerously reckless and irresponsible when you could have taken that very bad news and used it for good. Your truth could have possibly been used to make a difference in even one life, I'm certain of it. I was one of the many people out there....who loved butter more than my health, but little by little...I educated myself with truth and took steps to gain control and to gain my life. SP played an important role in that. This is so close to me because I lost my beloved step-dad at the age of 57 to Type 2 Diabetes. He was so full of life...and loved to eat and eat those southern dishes much like myself. He worked hard to get control of his disease and did a really good job of it, too little too late...even that young. He was on the treadmill and had a heart attack. The heart attack he could have survived....but that the diabetes had silently already damaged beyond repair his liver, kidneys, and I don't know what all else. He had no chance and my family is still suffering from the hole he left. The treadmill that he was on, ironically is the one that helped save my life...I still have and use it today...and think of him every time I step on. I also have a 50 y/o BIL who is slowly losing the fight with Type 2 a little more every day...they pull 7-10 liters of fluid off his abdomen regularly and he is in liver failure. Ammonia builds up in his blood and greatly impairs him to the point he is unable to work any longer...it is just a waiting game now...very sad. The message here is if you make the changes necessary....Type 2 is REVERSIBLE...we've seen it on Biggest Loser...I've seen it from a lady in my church, but you have to take it seriously and right from the point of diagnosis...you cannot wait because it ravages your organs and systems while you are making up your mind of the next step. So yes, Paula, I think though you are not personally responsible or liable for anyone's undoing, you certainly did not step up in courage to use your truth to advocate for change. No...apparently you just kept cooking up a greasy, hot mess and profiting off of that which is literally trying to kill you. Selling a poisonous product without putting the skull and crossbones label on it after you learned how sick that very product had made you. That makes me as sad as it does angry. No one is perfect and I don't hold you to any standard higher than I do myself, but I would have expected a stronger moral character from a southern woman,that I admittedly enjoyed to some extent. I would have thought there would be more compassion from someone who has come through so much adversity. I am not without some empathy....I know that news must have been a devastating blow not only to your health, but also your ego...you perhaps may have had yourself in quite the throes of denial as well,until that shoe dropped. I would not wish that on anyone. But, I have seen a brave and giving spirit come from many "regular, everyday" people who suffer Type 2 and fight, not only to overcome, but to educate those around them to try and keep it from ever happening to anyone else. To say Type 2 is "not a death sentence" is very misleading and belittles the gravity of the disease. It almost is if the person is unable to manage it through diet, or diet and medication together along with regular exercise. I do pray for your health and healing, and have hopes that you will step up as you educate yourself and help educate your public about the harsh realties, the myths, and most of all...the hope of change through a health specific diet/exercise in order to fight...and beat...this completely avoidable disease. It's the right thing to do.
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    Thanks girls for reading. Amy, I should have phrased it better I think, I was so upset when I heard about this and the circumstances surrounding it...the fact that it coincides with her being a paid pokesperson for a diabetes med., and also the, I believe, cleverly timed release of the show her son is doing to "healthify" her recipes....the show and the son are awesome and I think that is great. Ultimately, celebrity or not, she is completely entitled to her privacy and what she chooses to disclose or not and when. I do respect that. I just WISH she would have had the heart for and courage to share her struggle for the greater good. I actually love Paula, loved the show and the food...admired how she had overcome so much all on her own to get where she was. It isn't her fault that America is fatter than ever before, but she had a chance to really reach out and do some good, but chose not too. Just like so many of us continue to eat in ways we know are killing us. I cannot imagine how many millions received the same scary diagnosis she did at the same time...or how many more since. I would loved to have seen her, maybe even do a show as she learns to navigate the disease, what it means for her, and how and what she was able to do the manage it. Show the real struggle of making serious changes that have to be made, and I KNOW others could have been helped and educated through even just a little bit of that. People need to see and understand how serious it is. Many think of of Type 2 as a fat people's disease...yes it happens to a lot of obese persons...but the truth is....a seemingly healthy and normally sized person can get it just the same. It is caused by the crap that people are choosing to put in their bodies...and it is making so many of us, deathly sick. Education and awareness...as with any disease, is key to getting this under control...the most important thing about it...is that through education and learning how to fuel our bodies...type 2 is preventable...or for many who already have it...reversible...or like my step-dad and BIL...it can and will kill you if you don't make change...or make it soon enough. I just so badly want to help people...it is shaming and embarassing to admit or show people who didn't know me before where I've come from...but when I see someone relate to that and be helped...it just gives you courage to keep sharing and help someone make their life better too. So passionate about this...we only get one go-round at this gift we call life on earth...I wasted so much of it not taking care of what God has given me. It could be gone tomorrow and I just want to help everyone make the most of what they have today. I would have liked to see Paula have taken the full opportunity she had to do the same...hopefully she will now.
    3283 days ago
    WOW...very well put! And a real eye opener to me as well! I seen this on GMA yesterday and thought...what right does anyone have to "blame her" she is awesome! Then I read it from your point of view...WOW! Your very right...she needed to step up from day 1 and not use the "I was trying to grasp the fact I'm a diabetic" as an excuse! I keep telling my hubby and other ppl we know that if....IF I go to get my physical and the Dr says ______ is wrong with me, I'd move everything in my path to fix it if I could meaning being diagnosed with diabetes or whatever else I CAN fix with weight loss, exercise and eating healthy! That's why I'm DONE with the reasons and excuses and just doing it everyday every meal no matter what!!
    3283 days ago
    Very well put!
    I tend to roll my eyes and lick my lips at the same time when it comes to her cooking.
    And I recently saw her son, Bobby Dean (I think), on Rachel Ray's show who was doing his mom's recipes SLIMMED DOWN. I guess his thing now is to take her famous recipes and make them healthier and still taste yummy.

    And I do think ultimately, it's all up to the individual. Paula Dean is obviously not feeding me her food, but I could go cook it up thinking it can't be THAT bad if she's still alive and kicking and looking as though she's in superb health.
    3284 days ago
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