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Suddenly I See

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It is an amazing thing when you are a life long student and what you have always known you suddenly KNOW!!! LOL! Yesterday and today are my moments of wide awake realization.

1. I can indeed accomplish anything I train for.
2. He who chases two rabbits, does indeed go hungry.

Those are two things I have known and talked about a lot over the past year or two. I have proven to myself time and time again that when I zero in on a target I can indeed accomplish my goal. I can train for a half marathon. I can train for biathlon. I can train for a full marathon. I can train to hit a specific speed time in a race. I can train to lower my body fat. I can train to gain muscle. I can drop weight and I can stick to a menu plan. I know how to do what I need to do to fuel properly and to train properly for a goal.

What I cannot do is train for and fuel for more than one goal at a time. I can, and I am, but here is my lesson today. . . . I can't do it well. I feel it in my body. I'm not in pain. My recovery is great. Mentally I am all over these goals. I'm not upset or in any way changing my goals at this time. But, in training this week and making my schedule for this coming week, I see the overlaps that are going to increasingly cause issues in training.

Right now, my focus has been power and strength. The training for that requires an increase in calories and carbs to allow for muscle performance, growth and recovery. That diet structures also works for the training I need to do for the half marathon. However, it is not enough fuel for BOTH! Other issue, to get the running in I need to be doing, it will cut into what is supposed to be my refueling and recovery window for my weight training.

Today I SHOULD run 6 miles or more for half marathon training. However, I've had a BIG workout week with strength training and the interval runs I have done and I need to rest and refuel so that on MONDAY when I need to give a big push for my power bench press I can give it 100%. Monday is show time. Show and tell. I get to show myself what all this training has been for.

Here is the other issue! Just the increase in miles I have had this past week have given me less push and power in some of my lifts. So, instead of being 100% for each workout and each goal, I'm like 80% what I could be for each of them.

I am okay with that. Really, I am. I don't need to PR in my next half marathon. I have a nice PR from Savannah. At the same time I need to know I am training smart for that half and may switch to a walk/run method which would help me in my training to not be as fatigued. I'm okay with the idea that my bench press may not increase and may even decrease in weight in the next month. As long as I know I am doing the best I can to retain as much muscle and strength as possible.

One more dilemma in the mix, the number of hours I instruct fitness classes is increasing and will continue to increase. Starting next week, I teach three hours of yoga on Mondays. Mondays are my bench press days. If I move bench press to Sunday, it may workout okay. If I have to move it to Tuesday, I will not be 100% or even my 80% because I will have had three hours of yoga the day before. Another issue there is that I have to be careful about what I eat before I teach yoga. I teach two of those classes back to back. So for over three hours I will have no 'fueling' other than water. It will be hard to get in all the calories I need on that day. Add into that, the fact that I cannot count those three hours as 'training' for either of my goals and I can't count it as a rest day. I need 8 days in a week!!!

So, here is what I plan to do. I plan to use a rotation training plan. Instead of having 'day' of the week that I hit a certain muscle group, I am going to go to a plan that keeps my workouts in the same 'order' because the sequence works for me. I'm going to do three days on, one day off, two days on, one day off. I will have to add in a couple circuits to make sure I keep the muscles stimulated and growing, since I will not be hitting the same muscle group every week like before, it will move it out to being once every 8-10 days I have a bicep/tricep day. So, I on my bench press day, I will make sure I hit my triceps after that workout and on my back day I will hit my biceps on that day and add in a couple more tricep push ups in my yoga routines to hit them there.

In addition to all these wonderful things I am blessed to have going on at the same time, I just got the choreography and music for a new class I want to teach using weights and plates. Guess what, in order to teach it, I gotta do it! I gotta rehearse it. It is full body circuits. What day do I do that on? LOL!!! AND, in all four of my yoga classes I am starting a new 'semester' with all new music and sequencing! I cannot use the same music or sequencing for all four. Two are childrens yoga, one is relaxation, stretch, flexibility gentle yoga and one is ashtunga power yoga!

Suddenly I see, I need to be an instructor who leads without doing each movement!!!
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