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Day 382: A bit of this, a little of that, and a lot of t'other...

Monday, February 06, 2012

Pithy teabagtag of the day: "Travel light."

* * *

I meant to do a State of the Kasey blog yesterday but got sidetracked. I've been in the doldrums, in many ways: exercise is minimal, keeping up with my 10 minutes / daily but often not much more than that. Still maintaining nutrition-wise; I haven't lost any more weight (and still have a ways to go) but on the good side, I haven't gained any either. I don't mind staying the same for a while. I figure if my body gets used to this 'plateau,' then the next push (more exercise / slight trim of intake) will see the numbers change.

Some of the other resolutions on my list - creative writing, sorting computer files - are still in the works and are coming along slowly. A few are already done: re-working my diet nutrition (not going lower but to make sure all the nutrients are right and in proportion) is completed, at least for the foreseeable future.

The cruise, alas, is on hold until summer 2013. The most compelling factor is cost. There are some good reasons to push it this year - perfect timing in some respects. My thinking is that with the Olympics coming up and the disastrous Mediterranean cruise last month prices will be heavily discounted to drum up trade. And the best personal reason is to celebrate my milestone birthday.

But on the flipside, next year is when I'll actually BE sixty (my diamond jubilee!), plus it will be our tenth wedding anniversary (how time flies), so - I don't see that another year will dampen the excitement. The house is going back on the market, I still have my citizenship application in the works, and I have a couple more irons in the fire so I guess I've got enough to keep me occupied and off the street corners.

* * *

An article headlined yesterday on Spark put me in mind of the ex: "Why Human Brains Are Smarter Than Chimp Brains." Myself, now, I figure - depends on the chimp, depends on the human.

* * *

And speaking of husbands - Himself had a bad night last night. If EYE have a bad night, it means EYE don't sleep. If HE has a bad night, it means WE don't sleep. Why is that?

I swear, men are like little kids. "I can't sleep, so ain't NObody sleepin'!" I don't know if it's a case of misery loves company, or if it's more like man-flu and they want to be cuddled.

To any men reading this blog - no, I'm not going to apologize. Sometimes truth is stranger than gender-bias...

* * *

"Those who follow the clockwise path are governed by the changes of Yin and Yang. Those that take the reverse path, however, will be able to walk in the void." --Tao-hsuan p'ien

I'm not quite sure what that means; I'd have to give it some thought, and heavy thinking takes me more time than I have to devote to it at the moment. But I find it intriguing - "...will be able to walk in the void." Not 'will be lost in' but 'able to go.' Maybe it's in the translation, but... intriguing nonetheless.

Today marks the official end of Chinese New Year. The Year of the Dragon lasts until sometime in February, 2013. I love the coincidence of this being my Diamond Jubilee, Lilibet's Diamond Jubilee, and The Year of the Dragon, all rolled into one.

* * *

Speaking of HRH QEII, today is the precise 60th anniversary of her ascension to the throne. I find it difficult to imagine how the pinnacle of your life's work is marked by the death of a parent, but such is the case here, I guess.


Seeing films of her coronation (which actually took place a year and some after, in 1953, as it took them time to get everything organized) always reminds me of my late father-in-law. He told me about the first television he ever bought - when Himself was eight. They got it even though rationing hadn't entirely ended in the UK and the 'austerity economy' was still in effect, because Elizabeth's coronation was the first one ever televised live.

The monetary sacrifice was well worth it, Mr G said, as it was an event he wouldn't have missed. Because they were the first ones in their family to have a TV everyone was invited to their house on The Day. And when the national anthem was broadcast, they all stood and sang, too. Tickles me no end to think of it. He was a delightful man.

Tonight we were watching a program about the life - and reign - of the Queen. Himself said he's seen her, live and in person, twice in his life. Well, I'll be darned. I had no idea. Twelve years together and he can still surprise me.

The presenter of the program was saying that Elizabeth has a way of connecting with people, even with the briefest of glances, that makes them comfortable and puts them at the same level. Friendly, warm, almost as if she knows them.

Himself said 'That's very true,' and went on to tell me how, as a schoolboy of about ten, not long after her coronation, she made a visit to Birmingham, his hometown. His class - his whole school - was lined up along the road in front of the school building, and when the Queen's car passed by, they all waved and shouted. She waved back (of course) and he swears she looked right at HIM, actually seeing him.

The other time was after he'd gone to college. He thinks he was about 20, and similar to the first time, he and some classmates were on the sidewalk where her motorcade was scheduled to pass. Sure enough, when the car got to him, she was on that side - and waving, and he swears she looked right at HIM.

Well, mebbe so. He's not an ardent royalist (not an anti-monarchist, either, just not caught up in admiration or anything), but he's convinced she actually saw him, regardless of whether or not she noticed the other people.

She's supposed to make a visit to Manchester this year, I think in May. I told him maybe we should go along. She may well say to herself 'I've seen that fellow before a couple of times,' and wave to him. Who knows? Third time's the charm. Stranger things've happened.

And myself, now, I've never seen her 'for real.' I think I'd get a kick out of that.

With that, I'm outta here. Lots going on getting the house ready for a photo-shoot and cleaning up and so on. Real estate people tomorrow, dentist Wednesday, something on Thursday (I don't even remember just now) and Friday maybe a breather.

Goodnight, Sparklers, wherever you are!

Queen Elizabeth II; King George's mother, Queen Mary; and his widow, the dowager Queen Elizabeth, 'the Queen Mother' - February 1952
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm happy to hear that your healthy living is chugging along. Just don't quit and you're doing awesome! Love the funny stories. You have such a great sense of humor, and you can put it in writing very well. I'm hoping that in my book, despite all the trials and traumas of my life, will show my sense of humor too. I've prayed about it. Well see how it goes. I'm almost done the first draft. The Queen... I saw her too once. When I was a young girl in the Girl Guides (AKA in the USA as Girl Scouts). It was in St. John's, Newfoundland. They had all the kids lining the street. She was traveling along the city streets with her motorcade, and she looked straight at me from the limo. :-)
    3312 days ago
    Whatta great ""this and that"" blog----nice to hear you will be going on a trip---""Anticipation is greater than the event""---LOL--so that will be good for you!Busy-- busy ---you--- with the house going on the market--I agree with you with men--theyre worse than kids when sick--eh?----LOL---- I enjoyed your blog---- Lynda in the dark cold morning! emoticon
    3314 days ago
    We took every opportunity when we lived in England to see the Royal Family or go to some special event. We went to the opera where Charles sat 2 rows behind us. He kept fiddling with his cuff as he was missing a cufflink. Who was his dresser? And the queen and Phillip came to Ipswich so I took my nanny and her husband and my baby to stand on the side of the road and see them as they went by. Then we saw Ann as she substituted for her mother in the Queen's birthday rehearsal parade. That was something. I wouldn't go across the street to see President or Mrs. Obama. Can't wait for them to be gone. Off with their heads, me thinks.
    3315 days ago
    Maybe she'll give him the eye this time, and slip him her cel #. ;)

    Oh, and thank you for commenting on my blog. :)
    3315 days ago
    My Dad was a young man rooming with an older couple and saw the coronation on TV too. TV was a rarity for him, and he was in awe that he was actually seeing something simultaneously as it was happening overseas (he had crossed the pond on a ship as a soldier during the war, and had a very good sense of how far that was!)
    3315 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10706396
    I was born 2 weeks to the day after the Coronation, so I am a true Elizabethan baby...which means I also have my Diamond birthday next year...lol...are we twins?

    Hope Him indoors is better, I have a stinking cold, sore throat, cough and runny nose and just for today am going to be a man..lol emoticon
    3315 days ago
    I think holding the cruise off for a special year is a great idea! I too always tend to plan my week ahead-- this week is a busy one-- Dr appt and a support group meeting Thurs night, Endocrine Dr 9am Thurs and a stress test Friday morning at 9I need to have a driver for my stress test as I will be getting medicated for it with dobutamine so I hope my friend does not flake out one me!
    3315 days ago
    "Those who follow the clockwise path are governed by the changes of Yin and Yang. Those that take the reverse path, however, will be able to walk in the void." --Tao-hsuan p'ien

    IMHO it is speaking to the fact that when one goes with the flow, public opinion and all that then as the public (flow) changes one must change with it. When one follows one's own path and does what one wishes and feels compelled to do, then when society as a whole does something you do not feel compelled, nor are you mandated, to go along simply because "everyone is doing it".

    My sister has quite a lot of corronation pieces. She was born in England in 1955 so she just missed it :)
    3315 days ago
  • POPSY190
    A lovely, chatty blog. Brought back memories - it poured in June 1953 but we all turned out to celebrate. Probably we were used to that in summer. Our school had us all rehearsed in maypole dancing and songs such as Rule Britannia and Here's a health unto Her Majesty. We had a new radiogram (very swish!) and the news of the conquest of Everest came through - I suspect the news was held back for that special day! The woman over the road had a tv - in a wooden cabinet - and she beheld watching sessions.

    Don't wear out yourself on readying the house. Hope you get a buyer soon.
    3315 days ago
    Hmmm, why the black background? I knew it was the year of the dragon as our Senior class this year had to do homecoming decorations 4 years ago with their Chinese New year figure---and we won with out dragon. I think the Queen is much more interesting than all the politcal crap we have going on over here---be glad you are missing that.
    3315 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3315 days ago
    As an admirer of the English and a bit of a fan of "the royals", I love seeing your posts about them. How interesting about how the ordinary citizen, such as Himself might feel about their monarch.

    Hope you *do* get to have a glimpse of the queen.

    3316 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11085628
    I always feel like I've sat and chatted with a close friend after reading your blogs!
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us!
    3316 days ago
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