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So I just made myself a liar.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Before I left for the gym this morning I blogged regarding how I felt 'off' yesterday at Zumba and on Wednesday working with my trainer - that I'm feeling weaker, a lil light headed, just 'off'.

Or ok, maybe I did not make myself out to be a liar. Maybe because I did indeed eat MORE before my workout today, I didn't feel off.

I felt great!

(Or that the instructor for our barbell class was this... very built... gentleman... with a latino accent.... talk about... inspiration?)


ANYHOO I felt great, I had a great barbell workout, and then decided ok time for some cardio lemme hit the treadmill.

Now my gym has like 4 different 'kinds' of treadmills, and like a creature of habit I usually use the same one or two ones, but today for some god-awful reason the gym was SUPER busy, so I went on a treadmill I never tried before.

Saw there was a "5k" program - you set the speed and it throws some random hills at you as if it's a 'real' type course.

I was like, well, okay. I'm feeling good. I *NEED* to fit into that wedding dress, let me be rambunctious and give it a go.

Now i've NEVER full on ran a 5k. Oh i've done 3.1 miles, but it was always like.... part running, part jogging, part power-walking, back to running, then jogging... type of intervals.

Today... nah.

I'm going for it.





Guess what?!?!? I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!! I *DID* IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ran a whole freakin 5k with no jogging and no walking!!!!

I wont lie, the last mile was done with sheer determination (or stubbornness haha)


"Ted, I'm on the subway, come get me, my legs won't work." -Barney Stinson, post-marathon

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