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Pool Run?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Date: 18 March (Sunday)
Start Time: 7:20PM
Weather: Indoors
Course: LA Fitness lap pool
Distance: N/A
Time: 30 mins
Heart Rate: approx 120 avg
Shoes: none
Notes: Don't know if this should count as a run diary entry, but the gurus seem to say that aqua running is about as close to real running (albeit without the impact) that you can get without actually running. So, I guess while I'm recuperating, I'll consider it a running substitute.

Thanks to Kelly for suggesting it. I found a couple of articles on the exercise and watched some of the YouTube instructional videos. Unfortunately, the gym lap pool is only 4.5' at its deepest, so I don't know if what I did was an adequate modification.

Instead of working upright, I leaned back, not quite all the way on my back, and used my head against the side of the pool to kind of anchor myself. I think I did the motion (arms and legs) properly. I don't know for sure.

It took a little while to get used to. I couldn't get to 180 spm cadence, which might mean I was doing it wrong. Later, I saw the video about mimicking the motion of 'stomping grapes,' which isn't exactly what I was doing. I was trying to get some forward motion in the legs in there, but the water resistance made it impossible to go as fast as my running cadence (kind of like the elliptical). Had I done more of a stomping, piston-like motion with less scissor-kick, I can see getting to 180.

Its a little weird to feel tired quickly but not have the heart rate elevated all that much. Just a slow, comfortable jog will put me in the upper 130s to mid 140s. Tonight, I was churning away and feeling the fatigue setting in, but a manual pulse at my most weary only measured about 134.

If you think the treadmill is boring; well, pool running is worst...at least at the gym. Not to mention that I was also very self-conscious that people were looking at me doing this strange thing at one end of the lanes. I may have to get one of those H20-brand enclosures for the iPod that will allow me to listen to music or audio books in the water.

I could also use a buoyancy belt. Tried doing it without one today. I also tried using a foam noodle wrapped and held around my upper torso. That worked okay, but took the arm motion away.

Same 250 yards after. It's been a long time. I may be fit, but I'm out of swimming condition. Now would be a good time to work that back into my routine.

Ankle's feeling pretty good. Not run-worthy good, of course after only 60 hours, but I've got pretty much full range of motion, no significant pain and I'm walking without much of a limp. Still keeping a wrap on it and using crutches for good measure. Icing a few times during the day. It's encouraging, but I'm not going to let it fool me. No running. I'll give it a test in the waning days of March or dawn of April. Until then, I hope I'm able to keep myself in good aerobic condition.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Makes me miss taking water aerobics classes. I'm prone to shin splints and plantar fasciitis myself, so water was always helpful for me. Keep working with it until you find a way that's comfortable for you! So glad you found a way to keep going forward without giving up entirely! APPLAUSE!!!
    3264 days ago
  • HAPPY92003
    Cool! Glad you gave it a try:-)
    3264 days ago
    Sounds like you capitalized on a good modification. I rehabbed my first knee surgery in the pool and it really helped.

    Granted, it was easier being seen in a swimsuit 20 years ago, too.


    Keep at it and do what you can to recover completely.
    3264 days ago
    I think you did a great job of modifying your running routine!! The pool will definitely not hurt your foot and it is exercise. If you had deeper water and a belt it would help even more!! Keep it up and your foot will thank you!! Have a great day!! Angie
    3265 days ago
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