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Choices and consequences ...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Today I'm sitting in a puddle of muddle - why? Because I've learned, once again, that choices have consequences. I had a great time making choices this past week and loved every minute of the 'freedom' that I had, but now today I am reaping the consequences of those choices, and am thinking that I may have sabotaged myself by failing to take responsibility for my choices before the consequences kicked in. The moment of truth about the consequences came when I stepped on the scale this morning. YIKES !

How could this have happened to me? Why is the scale punishing me like this? This just isn't 'fair', I moaned! But here's what I think happened: After several weeks of making really wise food choices, I fell into a pattern of, "oh, just this once - it won't matter" thinking. But here's the truth - it does matter and it did matter and now I'm in a puddle of muddle. Puddled because I'm sad about what I've done to myself. I'm not actually crying, but if I were just a little less of an adult, I would be crying my eyes out. Muddled because I managed to 'muddle' my usual spot-on 'common sense' thinking with something that I basically knew to be untrue - yet wanted to believe.

"Just this once does matter!" I started down the 'slippery slope' of deceiving myself when I convinced myself that I was too busy to fuel my body in the mornings. So rather than fussing with the healthy choices that have been a part of my morning routine for the past several weeks, I embarked on a 'grab and go' routine. Instead of planning ahead and fixing a great mid-morning snack and lunch to take with me to work, I began to depend on the "hunter/gatherer" method for staving off hunger - we've all been there and done that I'm sure. Hunter/gatherer method works like this for me: Wait until I think I'm starving, then hunt around for something to eat. Sometimes the 'hunt' leads me to a vending machine of some sort - then I let my eyes do the shopping for me and gather in a lot of unhealthy junk food.

I also failed miserably about keeping up with taking my tried and true vitamins and supplements - and drinking that all important 'Elixir of the Gods" - water! Why did I choose to do such a silly thing? Well, I am trying to figure that out right now. And here's what I think happened. I made poor choices! Yes, I believe when I didn't plan ahead, I was making a choice - subconsciously perhaps, but still making a choice that would not be in my best interest. And the scale today has proven to me that the choices of this past week have not been in my best interest.

Have I learned anything from this experience? Well - yes, INDEED I have. Choices do have consequences - and we always have a choice. We don't, however, get to choose the consequences that are always part of the choices we make. Sometimes consequences can be a very good thing - a reward of sorts for making wise choices. Sometimes consequences serve as a reminder that we can and should make wiser choices.

That's where I find myself right now. First thing I want to do is get out of the "puddle muddle" - by accepting the responsibility of having made poor choices this past week, and realizing that the consequence of gaining weight didn't just happen - it was to be expected and I actually earned those extra pounds. What comes next will be another matter of 'choice' - If I choose to continue down this 'slippery slope' and continue with what I've been doing, then I can expect similar results next week. If, however, I get a grip on myself and nurture my thinking back to reality, I will make better choices this week and have more agreeable consequences with the scale when next we meet.

Choices do have consequences - and by making better choices, I'm convinced I'll have better consequences - not only in healthy eating, but in all aspects of my life. You go, girl! Start your engines ... GO make those beneficial choices and reap the beneficial consequences. The choice is mine - and yours!
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    You put it so nicely. Gotta love natural consequences that we can learn from without too much hardship. Hope you had a better week. :-)
    3065 days ago
  • CHERYLL1949
    We all have choices and thats what makes us human. I keep trying to tell myself that controlling my eating is the only thing that I have control over. I have a terrible time just trying to eat healthy. Its easier just to eat whatever I want and how much but that is why I am overweight. It does prevent me from doing things because I am too tired and I also look fat in everything. But life is passing me by. I see myself in your blog and tomorrow I am going to try and eat healthy and not so much. You have really helped me. Thanks! emoticon
    3066 days ago
    Ah, well yes choices DO have consequences, but the good news is that you picked up on this after only a week. Now to turn it around because that works in reverse to....wise choice yeild us the better types on consequences. Here's to WISE choices!
    3076 days ago
    Here's to all our choices - may most be good!
    3079 days ago
    I think you've learned a valuable lesson. The thing that sticks out in your blog entry is the word "choice". My little word searcher says it appears 24 times.

    One thing that pushes us down that slippery slope is having too many decisions to make, too many choices. There's a phenomenon known as "Decision Fatigue". Your best decisions are made when you're "fresh", but after the 10th or 20th or 30th choice your brain is tired of all that work and starts taking the path of least resistance, which for most of us is how we got in trouble in the first place!

    So, don't give yourself too many choices. That might mean pre-planning and pre-packing all your food for the week, or forbidding certain foods entirely.

    One great thing is that if you're on a reduced carb plan you can actually eat whenever you're hungry, you just need to make sure you have appropriate things available.

    I'll bet this next week will be great!
    3079 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/14/2012 12:34:13 PM
  • no profile photo CD12132753

    This was a great blog, thank you. You reassure me that I shouldn't get too cocky on my journey. I've only gotten back into low carbing this week and am doing well, but I totally get that slippery slope of "just this one time" and "just a taste" and how those little choices add up to weight gain and loss of focus.

    You learned your lesson. Now wipe yourself off and get back on track. I know you can do it!

    3079 days ago
    Sorry this was a lesson learned the hard way, my frined! But all is not lost....time to get back up on that horse! You CAN do it....mind over matter! (Mind what you are eating, because it DOES matter!)

    It's still 4 weeks until Mother's Day...let's prove something here!
    3079 days ago
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