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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wow. I haven't blogged here in 2 months. And the reason is - I have been working hard at home and in the gym! I know many times (and this has been the case for me a few times in past years) people stop blogging or showing up here at SparkPeople when the going gets tough. I am HAPPY to say that I am STILL going strong since the beginning of January.

I was in "The Biggest Shredder" competition at my gym and got 8th place of 19 people. Not terrible, not fantastic, but in 8 weeks I lost 10 pounds. Well, I am in ANOTHER competition and this time it's 4 weeks long. But at least this time I can start running again. I did take a 6 week haitus from running because of a stress fracture in my left shin and I am doing well now. I've only run a few times but I already beat my own record for a mile - twice!

Still working with my personal trainer, renewed for another 3 months. I decided after the stress fracture incident not to sign up for another 5k until I was ready. The mental and physical strain is too much for me. I will get ready for it and when I am prepared, THEN I will sign up for a race. My goal is to do one in fall. I will probably be ready before that, but I am not a fan of running in heat so I will probably wait until late September when the weather gets cooler.

As for food - I have gone gluten-free! It's not easy, but I sure feel better! I have more energy, less brain fog, no stomach pains and my blood sugar readings have gotten better. I am eating a lot more veggies because with no bread, pasta, crackers, etc - I have to replace it with something! I am not a big fan of replacing all my glutenous carbs with gluten-free carbs and so it's cut my carbs a good amount. I do still have potatoes, rice and oatmeal - just not every day. I also use Udi's gluten-free bread and keep a loaf in my freezer so that if I am seriously craving a sandwich I have an option, but that doesn't happen very often. Since I was tested and I do not have celiac disease, the assumption is that I am gluten intolerant so it's okay if I have a few bites of something with gluten occassionally, unlike a celiac who could have a very adverse reaction.

And now for the results.

I have:
Lost 20 pounds,
Lost 3.2% body fat,
Dropped 2 pants sizes,
Lost inches everywhere,
Have a thinner face,
Have some serious biceps and triceps and forearms,
Have smaller and more muscular calves,
See a change everywhere - including how I see myself...

It's so much hard work, but it's worth it. I am not really checking in on Facebook, checking my email, talking on the phone or checking in on SparkPeople. But right now all my spare time is spent preparing healthy food and working out... and that's okay with me. This much hard work can't last forever, I know that. But by creating this longterm habit I will be able to eat healthy and continue to workout several times a week once I get to goal - and that's what creating a healthy lifestyle is all about.
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