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This week was a lil better

Friday, May 11, 2012

This week started off just a bit better. But I am honestly counting down the days until vacation.

I am actually balancing everything, I think.

Let's start with the children. My oldest daughter has basic reading skill issues and really struggles in school. In March, her teacher went out on maternity leave and then there was a substitute. I am not real sure what goes on but I noticed a few weeks ago after STAR that she was failing all but one class. So, I decided it was time for another meeting with her "case manager" to assess what the issue was. Has my daughter decided that school was over so she shouldn't work any more? Or is there something being done different now that her teacher was on maternity leave. Well, after a meeting and several emails it comes down to several things.

1). Heaven decided school was over
2). What normally was being done to accommodate her was not being done with the substitute
3). Heaven believed what her friends told her - the last 4 weeks of school doesn't matter.

So, I decided to give her an incentive. But if I give her the incentive, I have to give it to the other daughter as well. This is what I came up with:

On Report Cards Only, if you make the following grades on the 5 core classes you will be rewarded as below.

70 to 79: $0.50 per grade
80 to 89: $0.75 per grade
90 to 99: $1.00 per grade

If you make the all "A" honor roll, you will earn another $20.00 on top of what you get per grade. If you make the "AB" honor roll, you will earn another $10.00 on top of what you get per grade. This doesn't include PE or ART. This is the academic courses.

Well, within a week 2 of the 4 classes she was failing out of the 5 total, she brought up. 1 of the 2 she is currently failing she is 1 point away from passing. The last one she needs 9 more points. The thing is, the worst one is Language Arts. It seems she was bombing her spelling and vocabulary test. Part of her 504 plan is that if she fails the test, she is re-taught because of her dyslexic tendencies and basic reading skill issues. Then she is re-tested. Even if she passes the 2nd test with like a 90, the highest grade they can give her is a 70.

Well, she missed a spelling test and hasn't had a chance to take it because the substitute has been out for about a week and password protected everything. The school didn't know where this substitute was; just that there was a substitute for the substitute. I had to tell Heaven's "case manager" where the original substitute was because she had told her class before she left. The woman was in Hawaii at a conference. So, today I received an email from Heaven's case manager. He sent home the work she needs to make up along with the words for the spelling test she needs to retake on Monday.

On Monday, my father in law called my husband a little upset. He was concerned because my mother in laws health has gotten worse. The doctors are now putting her in a wheel chair because a walker is too hard for her back. They wanted to keep the girls for a week or so this summer and we have been really concerned about that. He called to say they wouldn't be able to do so. We weren't upset about that. In a way we were relieved. They both have a hard enough time taking care of themselves and each other, that keeping up with my 2 would not be the best for them. My father in law also let my husband know, that they thought my mother in law would be terminated due to being out so much. (He felt they were looking for a reason to get rid of her). She only has 14 more months to go before she can retire fully vested. She works for the city, so the benefits package is a good one. Turns out, they put her on medical leave. From what I can understand, she is on medical leave until she retires.

Yesterday, I had a phone conference with my manager. They have taken me out of rotation for the next 2 weeks. This means I will not be assigned any new cases. It's kinda bad in a way because since I am new in this area, I have a lower case load. The problem is most of the cases that were re-assigned to me, the major things that needed to be done, like an analysis, was not done. These cases were assigned originally in October, November and December. I didn't start in this area until January. So, out of 162 cases, I have over 99 analysis that have to be done. My manager was nice about it and told me they understood I got dumped on. But, I have been taken out of rotation to concentrate on those analysis as well as keep up with what was assigned to me. So in other words - I have 2 weeks to get it together because my 90 days probationary period is up.

This is where I have been when I haven't been getting home until 10 at night. Tomorrow I will be back at the office and at work. I do have the ability to work from home, but to log in remotely at home takes so much longer and the process is slow. I live less than 5 miles from the office, so it's easier to go in.

Tonight I took my youngest to get 2 new pairs of glasses. What a mess! We had everything all done at Target Optical and when I ran the flexible spending card, it declined!!! REALLY? There is $1500 plus on that account! I should know. $62.50 comes out of every pay check to go to that account. So Monday, I get to call and find out what the deal is. The glasses are less than $350.00.

Anyway, i thought I would air that all out before I blog on May Pac tomorrow. It's time for bed now I think. Back to work early tomorrow morning. And yes, I am taking Sunday off. It is Mother's Day after all.

Good night everyone!!!!

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  • TXLADY110
    Woof, that is alot of stress. But it looks like you have got threw it all and everything is manageable. Congrats on picking up your coworkers slack. May your next load of cases require less back work and more forward work.

    Look Your Doing it :-)
    3261 days ago
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