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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It really doesn't matter if you remember me, know anything about me or about my weight loss journey here on Spark. What matters is that YOU know that YOU can do it! How do I know you can do it . . . because I did and I'm nothing special or super human.

I lost 100 lbs. in 14 mths. without any pills, potions or gimmicks! I worked out at home using Wii Fit and my bicycle for the first six months.

I've lost a total of 117 lbs. , though I'm traveling a little heavier right now following a muscle build phase I have been in over the past 6 mths. I'm not working to lose weight. I am LOVING my active lifestyle and the level of fitness that allows me to do things that I never dreamed of!

To date I have ran 5 half marathons, one full marathon and one duathlon! I left my full time job to pursue my passion teaching other women how to be fit and healthy in a balanced and sustainable way. I have no fancy tricks, no stand out technique that makes me a better trainer than any other. What I do have is a been there done that history and a heart that delights in seeing the growth and discovery of each woman I am blessed to work with.

My online time is very limited these days. I miss reading blogs, articles and writing my own journals of this amazing journey. Thank you to all my Spark friends who have encouraged, inspired, motivated and cheered me all along the way! BTW, coming up on THREE year anniversary of my light bulb moment!
46 feeling fit and fabulous!
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