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Growing Pains!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

OMG!!! What a day!!! First I went to a warehouse to pick up some CrossFit workout supplies I had ordered. I got a plyo jump box, a battle rope, a tether for my weight sled and harness, and a set of collars for my oly bar.

Later in the evening I had made arrangements to visit a CrossFit gym in the downtown area of Columbus. After talking to the owner, he said he would allow me to come warm up with the beginner class and depending on what my fitness level was, he would throw me into the WOD with the group or I would stay with the beginner group. I would have been happy either way, as I have never been in a CrossFit WOD and certainly didn't expect any special treatment or consideration.

The warm up went well and I was tossed into the WOD. After warm ups, we went to a downstairs garage area and started doing clean and snatch. I was familiar with clean and clean and press, but had never done the clean and snatch. After a couple lessons, I was allowed to work in with another gal, Kathleen. James (the trainer) instructed me to stay with just the clean when the weight got heavier since the form was new to me. Kathleen was a sweetheart, I enjoyed working with her as we took turns working and resting in between sets, working together to change plates, etc.

After clean and snatch, we moved into the WOD challenge.

30 pull ups
400 meter run
50 wall balls
800 meter run
50 wall balls
30 pull ups

YIKES!!! It has been a while since I ran (PERIOD)!!! 30 pull ups went well (I did the low ring rows). The 400 meter run felt smoother than I thought it would. The 50 wall balls were killer!!! Every muscle in my body was working as hard as possible to push that ball up!!! I was out of breath and zapped, but had no time to think about it, it was time to run 800 meters!!! The next set of wall balls just sucked, there is no nice way to say what if feels like to be totally emptied of energy, crouched down low at the bottom of a wall, hugging a 14lb wall ball and begging for the strength to push it up just one more time!!! I had just finished #28 when the trainer called time. You had to be starting your pull ups at that time for your time to 'count'. A lot of the participants just dropped their wall ball and left. This surprised me. I did walk away from the wall. I got a drink of water and then went and finished my pull ups. I did not have the energy to finish the 22 wall balls. My body was just zapped. I felt weak and yet strong. I drained, yet energized, that I pushed myself to step out of my comfort zone and step into a CrossFit gym where I knew no one and really had never been coached on how to do the WOD. There was a line on the wall that I was to hit with the wall ball each time . . .man, that line was high up there and you stand sooooo close to the wall!!! I will be continuing to work on that skill!!!

James (my husband) showed up to pick me up near the end. I pointed out a gal who had a strong beautiful build. She was not thin. She was not overly muscular looking, but you could definitely tell she had muscle. She had enough body fat that she looked very feminine, yet fierce! I said to James, that confirms for me that I am on the right track, THAT is my goal, I want that kind of physique. He said "You are there, that is what you took like." That may be the best complement I have ever heard from him.

This is the station I did my first set of wall ball shots, I promise you, I did not even see that there were words anywhere on the wall until AFTER my workout and even then, James pointed it out to me! Talk about focused!

Ooooooo, the tired is the kind of tired I feel after a half marathon. The achy muscles are like after my powerlifting days! I will be feeling this tomorrow while I'm in workshops all day working on my Personal Trainer Pro classes!
So much for being an active participant!!! I will be ouching my way through that day of learning!!

But I feel like I've learned a lot tonight! I found out that in some areas I'm stronger than I thought, in other areas I discovered I have a lot of growing to do. I am pumped up and encouraged by the growth potential of this next year!
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