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To the Next Level

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wow! This weekend I have experienced and learned a LOT!!! I went to Columbus, Ohio to attend an ACE (American Council on Exercise) class called Integrated Fitness for Personal Trainers. Since I was going to be in Columbus, I had ordered a couple products from Rogue Fitness (a CrossFit supplier). I also arranged to go to a CrossFit gym in the downtown Columbus area.

At Rogue:

I purchased:

locking collars for my olympic bar, the spring clips I have just take too long when changing out weight plates frequently.

hauling strap for my weight sled (the one I was using frayed when I was teaching youth sports conditioning camp. I was on the sled and the kids were taking turns pulling it to the top of a loading ramp.

battle rope (150 ft) for shoulder development, climbing, swinging and good old tug o' war! So much fun! Soooooo tiring!

jump box with three dimensions (20", 24" and 30") Ummmmm, yea it is harder than one would think to be able to jump vertically without some practice. I made it ONCE! My husband made it on the first two heights and my oldest son is a monkey and made it on all three levels. He then proceeded to jump like a flying squirrel onto the basketball pole and attached the battle rope to practice climbing.

**What I learned** I will need to train daily to master these skills. I am excited and totally up for the challenge. I did 'shock' my right knee a little with the way I jumped up onto the platform. So, I am icing.

At the CrossFit Gym:

I learned that I am now capable of doing the workouts that I believed only really strong women, like Bekah (spark friend who first inspired me to try), were capable of. I'm not saying I'm as strong as or stronger than anyone else. I'm just so much stronger than I ever thought I was capable of being.

At the ACE Training:

Today we took turns doing exercise demos and spotting each other in the weight room. While we spotted and demoed the rest of the group would make observations, suggestions and critique are skills. I'm so glad I have had the experiences in the gym to be both the client and the trainer. I felt confident in both roles and got excellent feed back.

The instructor called on me several times to demonstrate weightlifting moves or to spot someone else. I felt honored and blessed to have her input and expertise and asked questions like crazy! When she was demonstrating the proper technique for using fat calipers, she asked me if I was okay being used for that. I certainly took her up on that. I have used calipers on myself and on my girlfriend. But I was never sure I was doing it 'right'. I was VERY pleased to find out that I was indeed doing it right and that my Body Fat if excellent!

Everything I learned this weekend just kept solidifying for me that my days of weight loss are over. My days of stepping on the scale on a regular basis are over. Oh, and those 6-8 lbs I have had trouble dropping . . . totally a result of muscle building.

Weight loss is behind me. I do not need a number on the scale to measure my strength, body fat or skills as a trainer, instructor or weightlifter. I'm ready to move to the next level, training to learning new skills, new technique and apply them to the best of my ability in my own progress and the progress of the people I am blessed to call my clients and friends.

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