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20 Things That Are Different About Me After Losing 40 Pounds

Friday, June 01, 2012

After losing 40 pounds, I find that there are many things about me that are different. Here are the top 20 things that are different:

1. I am 4 sizes smaller from a 22 to a comfortable 18. As a matter of fact, I actually wore a 16 two days ago;

2. I’ve gone from a size 3x in shirts to a 16 or Large;

3. All my rings are too big on me;

4. I had to get my watch sized;

5. My shoes fit me loser;

6. I use my lunch hour at work every day to workout (we have a gym in our building so I bring a sandwich and a fruit and eat that after my workout)

7. I went from walking on the treadmill at a 2.0 for 20 minutes at a 0 incline and feeling like I was dying to walking at 3.4 for 40 minutes with a 6.5 incline and burning about 550 calories per session;

8. I always want to up my workout and add more speed or incline and have to convince myself to take it slow so I don’t get injured;

9. I work out at least 6 days per week if not more;

10. I actually crave exercise. Who knew?;

11. I actually got a shorter haircut because now I think my face can handle it. My face is not as round as before;

12. I did my first charity walk and it was awesome can’t wait for the next one;

13. I love taking my dogs out for walks in the evenings even though I have already worked out (double whammy calorie burn!);

14. I am inspiring people to lose weight – my 17 year old son has lost almost 50 pounds and my roommate has lost almost 30 pounds since January when we started this journey together. Me an inspiration, wow!;

15. I go on vacation and actually watch what I eat;

16. I go out to dinner and share an entrée so that I only eat half.

17. I go on vacation and actually work out. The workout clothes I bring are not just luggage stuffers;

18. I fit comfortably in chairs (like the movies, the theatre, an airplane);

19. I actually look in the mirror and think I look pretty. That hasn’t happened in such a long time;

20. And finally, but most importantly, I FINALLY LOVE MYSELF AGAIN.


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