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Take This Fridge And Shove It!!!

Friday, June 01, 2012

Me again...................I'm here with my fake grin............. which is actually more like a sneer/snarl. LOL. emoticon

I'm trying to find my half-full glass.............unfortunatel
y someone has peed in it. LOL. emoticon

I'm struggling with the 3 dorm fridges. Don't get me wrong, I am blessed to have them. They are better than no fridge but I want a real fridge and I want it now.

I finally had to break down today and go get some groceries and I did better than I thought I would at finding room for things I have to have. At times like this I realize how addicted I am to healthy food. I was practically hysterical this morning telling my husband that I have to have room for fruits, veggies, eggs, etc and he is like, "Couldn't you just eat a cookie or sandwich or something for the time being?" NO I COULD NOT, &$$#@()!!!!! I have to have decent food." He is always overwhelmed at the amount of produce there is around here but when you eat 4.5 or more servings of veggies a day and you can only shop once a week, you have a lot around. emoticon

I went to the post office and whined on my friend about my fridge problem, went to the bank, State Farm, IGA, Aldi, and Kroger. No way was I going to Wal-mart on the first of the month or on a Friday. The other stores were bad enough. I got home at 2 and had lunch. My son had the day off. He helped me make room in the dorm fridges. emoticon

Hubby came home and started working on getting rid of the fish fridge. It's a good thing because I was getting ready to kill him and cram him in it. The smell of a rotting corpse would be better than the putrid fish funk. I could not have stood this another minute. My son and he had to dismantle it and get it outside. I helped a little - mostly reverted to my cheerleading days. Jumping up and down, screaming, and squalling with mascara running down my face. HEAVE, YOU MORONS!! GET IT OUT!!! emoticon

I was kind of an evil cheerleader. My boyfriend was the captain of the team and I often wanted to scream, "Come on you @#%$$&^ idiot!!!" Okay, I'm a bad GF I guess too. Sue me. At any rate the fish box is out of the house and I am so glad to see the gaping hole in the wall. It still stinks in here but at least there is a chance that I can pinesol and Lysol this nightmare away. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GUNNSGIRL91303
    I'm so sorry for your fridge troubles! Just keep hanging in there! Have you looked on Craigslist for a free or cheap fridge? I see ads all the time, check it out!
    2915 days ago
    (humming the Johnny Paycheck tune...) "Take this fridge and SHOVE IT, it ain't working here no more..." (big grin) emoticon
    2916 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2916 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8522718
    I'm glad you got the fridge out of there!
    Your humor is hysterical!
    2916 days ago
    well you are moving along....slowly but moving along! fridges are so expensive! hubby usually buys the cheapest one he can get his hands on and then gripes why it doesn't last more than a couple of years! they say 15 or 20 years but my experience is not so!!!!! ok you know I love ya kiddo and am prayin g for you to be happy carefree andsinging a song!

    lindan> emoticon

    2917 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    Way to make the best of a less-than-ideal situation! Hope you get a beautiful new fridge soon with ample room for all you freggies.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2917 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/2/2012 2:06:30 PM
    Also remember full-strength vinegar (if it won't ruin anything); leaves a pleasant smell while disinfecting.

    Probably better than Dollar Tree stuff.

    Unless you discover you want / need the intentionally lavender smells.
    2917 days ago
    So glad they got it out of the house!!! There are some things we should NOT settle on and this was one of them.

    Good for you; did it leak on porous surfaces?

    I love Lysol & Pinesol, too.

    Some of the cleaners at Dollar Tree really work; after it's clean and disinfected, try from Dollar Tree the lavender-scented floor cleaner (yes it's purple), looks like lavender generic pinesol bottle; and the different scents of Spic & Span, one of the Spic & Span says "great for pet odors" on it, I think it was purple/lavender too. Smelled really good. I am sensitive but these did not bother me, and I liked the job they did. They don't and are not intended to disinfect. The scents will help with lingering odors.

    I know exactly what you mean about avoiding stores on the first of the month.
    2917 days ago
    LOL! At least there's some humor there - makes it easier to deal with than bitchin' and moaning all of the time........ Glad you got the dead fish one out of there tho, don't think anything smells worse..

    Hang in there and jump up and down and keep 'em in line!! emoticon
    2917 days ago
    Yeah, woman! Sounds like you have a real talent for whupping the troops into action!
    2917 days ago
    Okay, amazing lady...once again, you have made me laugh with your take on the stinky fridge. You rock! We sold DS fridge a few weekends ago...he was asking $100 and sold it for $85 I think. It worked great. We had it plugged in and cold so that folks could see it was a good one. I did have to do a major cleaning on it before we advertised it (on craigslist). He lived in a log cabin up the street from us and there was a leak in the ceiling that had a tarrish film all over the top and front of the poor fridge. But once cleaned, it was good to go. Hang in there! Hope you get a new fridge soon! Keep up the good work! You're doing great with your freggies! Spark on! emoticon
    2917 days ago
    Good luck getting rid of that fish smell. It can drive you crazy!
    I am obsessed about vegetables also..and always need to have lots of them around.
    2917 days ago
    OMG lol too cute I can see you with the mascara running down your face LOL I hope that you can get your windows open, fresh smell of cleaning instead of dead fish!! YEW when do you get your new fridge or did you?
    Hope you have a better fridge day!
    2917 days ago
    Good luck with the fish smell. Hope your new fridge comes very, very soon so that sanity can be restored.
    2917 days ago
    OMG, M!!! You had me laughing so hard! Glad that is out! When do you get the new one?
    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4892468
    This blog just really cracked me up! I think you are so funny!

    Fishy smell is THE WORSE!!!

    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8557947
    Sounds pretty yuckie! Maybe it will be out with the old, in with the new! You never know! I think assertiveness pays off in this situation so you will get your spirits back really soon! emoticon
    2917 days ago
    Haven't heard back from my sister yet, but she'll get back to me with the recipe to erase the fridge odor.

    We all know you're made of tough stuff, so you make us laugh. Great blog. I do know who frustrating it is to be without a fridge. We had to get a new one 3 days before Christmas. I told the RV repair place I wasn't going home until it was replaced and they believed me, they did it that day.
    2917 days ago
    I hate to say it, but you really had me rolling with your descriptive blog!!! Glad it is out of the house...may that half filled glass of pee should go with it. lol
    I do not know how you manage to get into some of these situations. My heart goes out to you. Glad that things are headed in the right direction now.
    So sorry that Murphy's Law won't leave you alone.
    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3409143
    Yeah it brings back the memories of my friend and me (on the BOTTOM) trying to heave that monstrosity UP my basement stairs to the back door (not sure how we did it I think we managed to fool ourselves into thinking it was "light").
    2917 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5645667
    Your Blog discriptions are hillarious .. I think you missed your calling Tish .
    You should be writing books or making funny films ..
    I am sorry ....but it is so hard to stop giggling ...
    Glad the fish fridge is outta the house .. now just to get to rid of the smell ...
    Try Vinegar it is really great and so cheap to use ...
    I will await with bated breath the next instalment of the sage of the fridge's
    love and Hugs Susie emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2917 days ago
    emoticon I wish you wouldn't make me laugh so hard while I'm trying to sympathize with you! It makes it hard to type so I can give you the appropriate love and support that the situation requires. emoticon
    I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have nightmares tonight about evil cheerleaders and convenient storage for uncooperative husbands! Remember there's always a place for you over on my Love of Horror Team.
    I'm so sorry about the fridge! I hope it gets better soon. Really I do!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2917 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/1/2012 11:37:06 PM
    wow. the visuals are hysterically funny.... emoticon even though I know it was not for you ......hopefully, you can get a real fridge soon, for I know those tiny dorm fridges do not hold very much at all.......will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you get one soon......so that half full glass will stop getting peed in.....*snort*...patting you on the back.....I think that you have a right to be a wee bit uptight about all this......but just remember this too shall pass ....and things will be back to normal.
    emoticon emoticon (the fish fridge) emoticon
    2917 days ago
    M" I am thinking only you can get in to such a situation.
    You have my heartfelt sympathy.

    Out of the frying pan in to the fire you might say.
    Your days have to change for the better very soon. HUGS PAT in Maine. So sorry you are still in a mess that seems to not want to go away. emoticon emoticon
    2917 days ago
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