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OMG! When did this happen?

Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have had two of the most gorgeous days off this week that I can remember. It has been emoticon, and the Gardenias emoticon are blooming and have the air smelling so wonderful. Just a wonderful time to be outside I guess. I have company here at the house. It is a friend from Charlotte, NC. We always have a wonderful time when she is down. My mom and my friend have been getting along really, really well. They are more the same age. Don't tell my friend I said that though! She is one of those type that never age and always seem to feel younger than they are. Very inspiring because I know her real age, but I have promised not to tell. Most people would not believe me if I did tell them! emoticon She is wonderful!

Beth my daughter and I are getting along really well. We are both on the same wave length seems lately! Get this weight OFF! Get it off NOW! We both emoticon together with mom and my friend that is down from Charlotte, NC. today and yesterday in the park. We walked and talked and before you knew it we had walked about a hour. I was really pushing it! emoticon Maybe, that is what it takes me pushing myself to another level? I have a new support team at home and that was made a difference I think!

I have noticed something that I haven't noticed before. It is emoticon to me! I actually feel good! When did that happen? How did it ever leave me? My legs do ache from the walking, but I have something back that left me a long time ago! A little bit of energy to move! I use to be one of those type people that never stopped! Full of energy. I have not lost, but 12 pounds but it is surprising to me that those twelve pounds have already made such a difference. Just think what I could be feeling like if had a whole lot less on me. Am I getting my old metabolism back emoticon

1-I am emoticon better and that seems to be helping. I actually woke up this morning jumping out of bed and ready to get moving!

2- The new diet has me eating real fats not the man made stuff (full of carbs stuff) and my stomach issues are vanishing, one by one. I think low-fat has been some of my problems in this area.

3- I am not hungry all the time. I don't have the cravings for sugar all the time! The unsatisfied "I just want something" feeling! You know the ones that lead you to fail and feel guilty.

4- My blood sugar readings are really good. They have been as high as 189 in the morning. Lately around 125 and sometimes 110's.

I don't know when this happened, but I want to thank my God above for these results! If you emoticon hard enough and search hard enough He always come through! emoticon God and thank you SP. Who cares when it happened, just so it has happened and it can only get better! emoticon

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