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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I am happy to report that I back on track. I'm set for the Western USA - Natural Fitness Competition on October 27, 2012.

That is two weeks past my birthday but I'm still on track to have my goal by completed by my 55th birthday. emoticon

I was working with a wonderful individual FTBIK (Ruben) who helped me learn good nutrition and provided me with a solid workout routine. I had fantastic results initially but I started to plateau and could not break through. The other issue is that his program is online and although the wonders of the world wide web and social media means constant access - nothing takes the place of being with a group of people or having a trainer actually critique your workout or get in your face and tell you to "bring it". I know me...and that what I need in order to push myself. emoticon

So I took a break but never stopped the workouts and healthy eating. During my so called break (meaning competing was not on my brain) I found a local resource and I am sooooooo excited. Her name is Alondra Chatman and she runs a fitness studio called "Inner Athlete".


I met her on Friday - we clicked now it's on and cracking. emoticon
Thanks to FTBIK (Ruben) I know what to expect and glad that I'm walking into this with a bit more experience than I had initially.

I'm off to Hawaii next week for a badly needed vacation. When I return I'll be back with competition and a trophy in my line of sight.

That's all for now....I'll keep you updated. Keep on Sparking....
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