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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm sorry I have been away so long. We have been dealing with 2 unruly kids and my poor husband's dementia. We almost have 1 under control and the other is a work in progress. We did get to take a trip to Panama City, Florida. We rented a condo for a week. It was so nice except for 2 days of rainy weather and 1 night. The night my daughter and I were going out to dinner and bringing the guys something back since our younger son who is usually the better acting one was in a bad mood. In spite of the pouring down rain everywhere was crowded. We finally found a Bonefish Grill which we have not too far from us but have never eaten at. My son had told me that had good food so Tamela and I stopped at the one we saw. We got right in but getting someone to wait on us took a while which surprised me since most chains are good about waiting on their customers. The food was well worth the wait. I had the longfin talapia stuffed with shrimp and crab. It was so tasty. Tamela had the grilled shrimp which she gave me a couple of. They were very good too. We ordered Charlie the fish and chips from there and he enjoyed it. Derrick is a Sonic lover so we picked him something up from there. Overall we had a great vacation. I had planned on stopping in Athens, Georgia on the way down but Charlie was so adament about not stopping that we would arrive in our destination in Florida too early. Check in was at 4:00 PM. I ended up stopping in Savannah, Georgia and it was very lovely. I loved their old town area and we went on an island there but I can't remember the name. I had wanted to stop in New Orleans on the way back and spend a day back but Charlie wouldn't let us. I didn't argue because I knew he was confused coming back because we were headed west toward Missouri and he kept asking me if we were going the wrong way. If my friend from the UK is reading this we saw some that someone from the UK must have been staying where we did as they wrote UK on the sand. They also wrote happy F day on Thursday. I didn't know if the days of the week were different there or not or if there was a special day for UK that day. Different states we went through made me think of a lot of different Spark Friends. I couldn't remember what state you lived in Janet but I'm sure we may have been in at least a part of your state. New Orleans made me think of another good Spark friend who I remember had a husband who was a captain and used to be a chef. We had a kitchen in our condo and we cooked most of our meals to save on money. It had 3 bedrooms with a bathroom for each bedroom. Ours had a balcony we could go out on and watch the ocean. Charlie and I loved to do that at night. It was so relaxing. I loved the jacuzzi tub in our master bath. I would take the kids to the ocean or the pool and then I would come back and soak in the jacuzzi. We all needed some relaxation.

Tamela and I went to see Rock of Ages. We both liked it. I grew up loving rock music so it was enjoyable to hear all the old songs from the 70's & 80's. I think Tamela like it because the younger guy in it was cute. Tamela is 12 now and Derrick is almost 11. His birthday is July 8th. Sam is doing well at his grandmothers and he loves it there and she enjoys him being there.

I will try to blog once in a while. I will try and remember to check the blog for responses so I can try and talk to as many of you as I can. I miss everyone.
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