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Obsession vs Observation ... a journey!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm agreeing with you Sparkers who lament about our obsession with food, weight, scales. However, I'm also agreeing that without some obsessive fear, who knows where it might end for us? I've been on Spark People for just over 2 years - and have managed to only lose about 8 pounds. Well now, that really isn't true if I count the pounds I've lost over and over and over again. But the general picture is I'm down 8 pounds from where I started. That isn't much, but I know in my heart-of-hearts that without a conscious effort (even an obsession?) I would weigh at least 20 pounds more than I do now. So, is it worth the effort?

The effort changes from day to day - and I find that as the effort changes, so do the results change. Some days I'm more 'in-tune' with myself - but some days, I'm just a puddle of confusion and wandering. I think we could all agree that we can and should do better, make wiser choices, and look to the long-term benefits. But the temptation is still there for obsession and quick results. Maybe it is time for self-re-evaluation? I know it is time for me to figure out what will work better for me than what I am now doing!

So here's my plan:
Water: I want to place more value on water. Not because I 'should' but because I want to. A lot of evidence points to dehydration being a serious problem, and I want to make sure that my health isn't compromised by something as simple as water, or lack of it. How much is enough? I don't know, but surely that amount is more than I'm drinking now. What's the plan? Drink more than I'm drinking now. Simple - right?

Food: We have to eat - that's a given! But do we have to eat as much as we eat now? Do we have to eat certain 'magic' foods? I know that refined carbs are an enemy of mine (even though they are comfort foods, and taste really, really GOOD). Some things that may help here are: Eat from a smaller plate; Always eat a salad at most meals; mix a smoothie with a little fruit, more vegetables, coconut oil; choose protein sparingly and wisely. And, probably most important for me is to remember to eat when good food is available, rather than depending on a quick snack here and there that often turns out to be something sweet and junky.

Move it - and lose it: Why do I think I can fool myself, day after day? Sure, it is hot outside in the summer - and cold outside in the winter. But I've just about worn those excuses into the ground and they sound pretty lame now. So the mantra must be: Move it AND Lose it.

Self-observe vs self-obsess: What is going to work in the long run? Self-criticism or self-correction? Actually, we get enough criticism just by living in a society - without adding more insult to injury by criticizing ourselves. This exercise in acceptance may take a little bit of ingenuity along with lots of self-care and acceptance. Maybe the place to start is with self-observation - then move into self-correction. Huuuummmmm...?

So, we can be our own 'best friend' or our own 'worst enemy'. Now there's a choice!
I'm going to work on the best friend model. How about you?

I started this posting with really good intentions of it being a pep-talk for me - and, by association, perhaps for you as well. But now I see it is so lengthy that it sounds kind of 'preachy' - and that isn't my intent at all, except maybe to 'preach to myself'. Oh yes - I'll work on myself for a while and see where that takes me.
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  • no profile photo CD12507691
    Definitely not preachy. :) I like the idea of self observation instead of self-obsession.

    3002 days ago
    Not preachy at all Lilly, but it is exactly what I needed to hear on a Sunday morning (I'm a bit behind).
    3011 days ago
    Here's to the best friend model!
    3015 days ago
    Nah Lily...you make some brilliant points, and make them in such a gracious way that nobody would accuse you of preaching. May we all take something away from this and make some progress!
    3016 days ago
    Not preachy at all! Good insights! Me, I take turns being the mommy and the little kid. I never know from moment to moment which of "me" is going to win!
    3016 days ago
    "What is going to work in the long run? Self-criticism or self-correction?" I'm going to work on my "best friend" model, too. Thanks for posting!
    3016 days ago
    Not preachy, just a great self eval that you have created goals from. Thanks for sharing Lillybelle. I am ramping up my health efforts and it's great to see so many of the same feelings and plans on your blog. I am down 14lbs from where I started 2 years ago, but I feel the same way. Withouth this program the creeping weight gain would have continued. I have compeltely given up some old and unhealthy habits. More importantly I know this site provides the info and support to continue to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime.

    We can and WILL do this!
    3016 days ago
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